Monday, November 9, 2009

Mission Possible?

Our mission? To get FairyEgg's FSH, E2, and antral follicle count set up and completed today. The problems? No doctor's orders and no response from the clinic we want to monitor at in FairyTown. {cue music}

One overly concerned nurse.
One discarded idea for using doctor's office.
Two coordinating clinics.
Three fax machines.
One non-functioning fax machine.
One efficient coordinator.
One credit card number.
Five phone calls with FairyEggs.
Seven phone calls with the clinics.
One last minute babysitter.

The clinic managed to squeeze FairyEggs in late this afternoon for her tests which was fan-freaking-tastic! Otherwise, we would have had to wait until next month to even see if she would be a viable donor. The doctor saw around thirteen resting follicles which he said was above-average for thirty-three. Whoo! Tomorrow they will fax the results to my clinic in LA. Hopefully Dr. Leprechaun thinks her results are good enough to proceed.



  1. congrats for getting all of that done today, what a feat!! so glad you didnt have to wait until next month.

  2. Woohoo! This is really just falling into place for you (not without effort, of course). So exciting! Hope Dr. L loves the report!
    How did you find FairyEggs again? Do you know her in real life? Maybe not my business.

  3. Nicole, FairyEggs is one of my best friends from college. We've kept close despite not living in the same area. :)

  4. Wow -- that is a logistical drama, but very impressive you managed to get it to work. Yeah for forward progress!

  5. no one ever says when you go through IF you have to be a 'master planner/re-planner/makein' it work-er'!!! I'm so happy that she doesn't have 'old eggs' :)

  6. Good for you. Way to stay focused and get it all done. That is awesome news.