Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh the places we will go...Part Deux

Well, folks, we have a winner! Can you guess where we are moving?

It snows there.

It's cold.

It's on the west side of the US.

It's not part of the contiguous 48 states.

Do you know yet?

Do ya?

Do  ya?

We're moving to......




  1. Holy crap, that's crazy! In a good way. Well, I personally would never want to live there, but my dad sure would give his left leg to convince my mom to move there with him! I've never been but DH has a couple times and the pics he brings home are a-maz-ing!!! He loves it there. That's exciting!! This won't be until after your FairyEggs cycle though, right? So it won't inhibit, right? Happy TG!

  2. I'd SOOOO love to at least visit Alaska! Beautiful scenery! Congrats!

  3. Holy cow! That should be interesting. And cold. And beautiful.
    Can you say polar bears?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Oh my husband will be so jealous...he wants to go up there and hunt some big game!! Too cool! (literally and figuratively!)

  5. I love Alaska, I hope you two really enjoy living there! I will never forget my first visit to that beautiful state. One thing I truly loved about Alaska is how patriotic the people were there. The military community is large there. My in laws said they loved being stationed there.

  6. Holy Moly! Coming from a warm climate such as South Africa I would never cope living there! Hope you are happy and the move goes well.


  7. Awesome! Even better that there's no new language to learn.