Sunday, November 15, 2009

ing with a plan

Part of arranging this whole crazy upcoming cycle is simply logistics. While I wait anxiously for my phone call on Tuesday to review my history and decide on any more necessary testing, I have been mulling over certain plans. Today's question is how to I get the sperm to the lab in LA?

Hubby's training class requires that he not miss more than a couple of hours at most or he risks being recycled into the next class. So taking off in January for a fresh sample on egg retrieval day is certainly out. I imagine that we can either a) fly out during the winter vacation and donate it at the clinic; or b) drive up to St. Louis and have a local clinic process and then send the sample to LA via some fancy service.

Option A sounds much easier except for the fact that hubby really wants to visit his sister in New Hampshire. Since he hasn't seen her before his deployment, I really want to make this happen. It happens that she and her husband are also great, so I want to see them too! So we'd have to fly to LA with nice xmas time fares, board the dog, and then turn around and drive up to see her.

Option B just sounds a little strange to me and more complicated in that another clinic will have to be involved.

Neither option is really that big of a deal in the scope of this upcoming cycle. Either way, a little frozen sample with some ICSI will take care of the fertilization. But at the same time, it's something to figure out. Even though I would love to go to New Hampshire and go skiing and drive down to Boston for some sightseeing (never been there!), our focus is of course to get everything set up for the cycle.

I just really have been jonesing to get out and go on a vacation where hubby and I can do some things together! Whaaa, right? Yep, I know that all of our funds are in the future-baby-sector. All of our time off is similarly focused. But these things percolate around in my brain from day to day, and I find myself wishing for vacation simply to escape my thoughts. However, a vacation will not make the incessant baby-making chatter disappear in my head! A girl can dream though!



  1. Boston is lovely! Go to the market, it's a ton of fun. I highly recommend food in Little Italy, too.

    We were just having the vacation discussion, too. I am dying for a vacation, but it's hard to plan with cycle(s) coming up. We had to cancel a planned trip to Austin in October and eat the cost, and I really do not want to do that again. What to do, what to do....

  2. I think you should seriously do whatever stresses you out the least. And gets you a well-deserved vacation as well. Because you guys probably havent been on vaca together for a long time.

  3. I know my clinic receives 'samples' from a donor bank (out of town... Ohio I think it was), and so surly they would be able to 'preserve' (or whatever they do) his sample to get to LA. If that is where you are going to do the 'prep work' monitoring, it wouldn't be that bad. Since I'm cycle day one, I'll be in there this week getting my baseline scan, so I will be happy to ask if you want me to!

  4. Yes...all my fertile friends enjoy cruises and fun vacations before their little bundles of joy arrive...we infertiles however, generally have to scrimp and save just to create the baby...and a "babymoon" is out of the question!!

    I'd say definitely make some time for a vacation if you can squeeze it in...a little R&R never hurt anybody!!! :o)

  5. you are one organized girl! it sounds like a lot to coordinate but it sounds like you've got all your options layed out.

    ugh, and i hate how vacationing can never be coordinated in advance with all this cycle crap. i had always loved having a trip to look forward to. now its like we are lucky to buy tickets to something in town.