Monday, September 7, 2009

All Quiet on the Cini's Front

Things over here on the Cini's front are quiet.

Hubby and I get up every day and knock out a few rooms of taping, priming, and painting. Thankfully the end is in sight, and we are just two rooms and a few touch ups away from finishing. Whew, I can't wait!

I do however feel like a terrible housecleaner since I have a down and dirty view of my baseboards while I tape them up. Yeah, it's a little gross. For someone who cleans and scrubs regularly with vigor, I have to admit that the dog hair and dust have piled up on the four millimeter top edge of the board. Hmm, mother would not approve.

On the IF front, I am simply swallowing my spearmint BCP that I swear is giving me huge hunger cravings. Every one but does that to me. Boo. Meanwhile in contradiction to the BCP, I'm indulging in some fun coloring with my husband since he's been home.

Here are the countdowns:

*8 days until I call to order my magical box of fertility meds that will seriously deplete out our bank account. Since we're bringing out the big guns this time, I imagine it will be a huge scary bill.
*9 days until the packers come
*11 days until the movers come
*13 days until my last BCP
*15 days until my baseline after BCP

Until then, I will keep painting, working my tail off, and counting down these days!



  1. all are sooo busy!!! yay for the countdown!! Your meds will be here before you know it!!! YAY!!!

  2. I found your blog on cyclesista. I just turned 33 on Friday and am doing my first IVF cycle this month! I am going to try out your luck of 3's. Feel free to check out my blog.