Saturday, September 26, 2009

Piddling Around

One would think that if a big dose Lupron = big headache, a micro-dose Lupron = micro headache. This is not so my friends!

Theoretically, lupron reduces the estrogen and then the stimulation meds start bringing it back. So since I'm already on day two of stim meds, you would think that the headache would be kaput or at least packing its bags to get the hell out of town. Grrr.

In other medication news, I think my husband is fan-tas-tic! I've been so use to doing the meds on my own, that it is a strange treat to have hubby right there with me. Even though I stab myself, he comes to the kitchen with me and helps me prep each med. Last night, I would have forgotten my Menopur because I had just woke up blearily from my nap. The forgetfulness has already started! ARGH!

Yesterday we finally had movies we wanted to see. Although there have been some movies out that I have wanted to see, our piddly little nearby theater doesn't have any of them! Typically I do not make my husband go see girly movies and instead we go see action or sci-fi because I love those too! But, upon seeing the preview for "Pando.rum" I thought I would pass since it looked a little gooey and nasty. So I trotted to the next theater and watched "Fame" which passed the time, but didn't do much more than that for me.

Today we drove about thirty minutes to the Ouiska Chitto River (Whiskey Chitta) to take Sweetpea swimming. We spent about an hour wading through the river and letting her run and splash. With sand flying and water flinging around, she ran back and forth between us. It was just so nice to have the sun shining, my dog, and my man. Even with my head raging, I turned on some peppy 80s music, rolled down the windows and bopped home.

We're continuing on our meds until Monday when we have our first checkup. Go follies!



  1. Good luck on Monday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Yah! What a sweet post! I'm so happy you have your hubby with you. I'm sure your spirits are in a different place than they were your last cycle. A good thing ;) If you want some good movies to rent but maybe not when you're in the 2ww because they might make you cry or upset:

    Gran Torino
    Sunshine Cleaning
    And Then She Found Me (infertility movie with Helen Hunt)

    So happy you had fun with Sweet Pea too...and listened to 80's music! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope that dumb headache goes away. Can't wait to hear the Monday report!

  3. Sounds like you're having a great weekend! (except for the headache - hope that goes away asap!) Will be thinking of you Monday!

  4. What a great post. When I first started reading it I thought it was going to be an angry can't-take-this-anymore kind of post and then it turns out to be a lovely story about you sweet family and your great weekend :-) Best of luck on Monday!!

  5. Sounds like a great day!!! Sorry about the Lupron seems like it builds up in your system and just makes you miserable...ugh...

    Grow little follies!!!!!!!!!

  6. Go follies goooo! What a great way to balance out the shots with some good loss stress mind escapism

  7. Grow follies grow!!!!!!

    What a great, sweet post :) I am praying, hoping and crossing fingers that this is the cycle for you! Hope that your head starts feeling better very soon.

  8. I hear you on the lupron headache! And Yay to your man for being there in there beside you. Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nice that we were posting on Hope4Joy's blog at the same time! We're so in sync in more ways than one! ;) Happy Tomorrow!