Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magical Thinking

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog that mentioned the magical thinking that we associate with IVF. You know what I'm talking about,

...the lucky socks,
...positive attitude,
...good vibes that we send to our nether regions in hopes of increasing our odds of getting knocked up through the incredibly technical process but not exact science of reproductive endocrinology.

While I don't think the lucky socks are going to increase my odds, I do feel that the positivity will get me somewhere with this cycle. For example, if I focus on being positive and happy, my body will not be stressed and will be able to optimally react to the cycle. Is this magical thinking?

If, instead of generally being a good patient, I tear into everyone around me and stress myself out with angry and uptight thoughts will it really make a difference? If I'm just numb to the whole process, will it change my odds?

Who knows.

...I just think of cancer patients fighting through chemo after unbelievable odds. One thing they always say is that those patients were incredibly positive.

....Because I relate everything to IF, I was also thinking about the idea of Noetic Science in Dan Brown's new book and how it relates.

The IVF process just seems so technical at moments, yet at the same time unable to explain so much. I think that's why I have drifted into pondering this magical thinking. Hmm. Maybe I should just go back to watching the UFC fight with my husband. That's not so complicated.



  1. When I was going through my IVF cycle, I was also doing acupuncture. (Its said to increase your odds by up to 20%!) Every time I went my acupuncturist asked me what my "happiness level" was. The first time he asked I was like "huh???"...but then he asked me to rate it on a scale from 1-10. He said that happier women get pregnant faster than unhappy ones.

    I told him I hadn't really thought about it...but I wasn't crying all the time or my happiness level was probably an 8. I told him I was excited more than anything....and very very nervous. (I "knew" it wasn't going to work on the first try!)

    Somehow it happened for me though...not sure what the "magic" was...but I feel really positive about this cycle for you...your hubby is here to provide support and to lift your spirits. You two can go on fun dates together...maybe even take a glance at some baby clothes...just find things that will keep your mind thinking positively...

    And if watching two sweaty men wrestle in a ring helps you do just that....go for it!! *wink*

  2. I hope your magical thinking works for you!


  3. Here's to magical thinking this cycle! I totally agree with you about being positive and maybe it has some sort of effect on this game we're playing. I prefer being happy anyway. ☺

    Your Adventures in Tampoons sounds like mine! I can't stand all of this bleeding/spotting. So super annoying. I'm glad I'm not alone on having random bleeding (well, I'm not happy you're going through it too, but you know what I mean).

    Did you start shooting up again yet?

  4. Positive thinking is an excellent way to go. Keep it up! It cant do any harm and I agree that is probably does good!