Friday, September 11, 2009

Our world changed

Today is such a strange day because people have such varied reactions in remembering 9/11.

I feel like I have to remember what happened. Every year I find a video of it and watch it to force myself to remember what it felt like.


Because 9/11 changed how Americans felt about each other. Together as a nation, we came to a consensus of what was important.

In the ensuing years, we have fallen back into our divisive and splintered ways, which is normal. But on this day, I remember the sacrifice that united us as a country.

For V and I, the aftermath is not over. 9/11 was the catalyst that eventually sent our troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. V has served a combined three years in these countries over the last six years.

While our relationship is strong, I have seen what these deployments have done to other military families. It's hard.

So today I remember the people that died.
I remember the selfless people who helped.



  1. What a beautiful post for today. As wife of a former military service member, I share your reverence for the sacrifices of our military and their families.

    Best of luck on your future cycle(s)! Infertility sucks big time, so even though I'm not seeing a way out of it for myself any time soon, I'm always praying that some of us infertiles get lucky.

  2. I think it's very strong and wise of you to watch video of what happened every year to remind yourself. I just saw some footage this weekend after not seeing any for a long time and it upset me so much I had to stop. I can't imagine what it must be like for you when V is overseas. You are both brave and selfless. Thank you.