Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ramblings about my plans....

After looking at our schedule for the next few weeks, we decided to bite the bullet and book a hotel for the mad week of IVF appointments. Yep, no more cursing the early-morning, caffeine-free, two and a half hour, one-way trips! Whoohoo!

This actually isn't completely about the drive but rather about setting up our household goods in Missouri. If V goes up the first day we can get into our Missouri rental, he can get our stuff delivered and partially unpacked via the sure-to-be-grumpy-about-unpacking-movers. Most Army families never make them unpack, but it's part of what they're paid for. . . so, bite me! LOL Since I will be useless in unpacking during my 2ww, this will take a huge burden off of me to have this done before I get up there.

Meanwhile, I'll be down in Lafayette relaxing poolside and driving the five minutes to my appointment. My darling Sweetpea will be with me, so we'll have to check out the nearby parks to walk in every day. This also means we have to stay in a pet friendly hotel which means frozen grapes delivered by the cabana boy is probably out. I guess I'll deal with my in room refrigerator for my thousands of dollars of meds. LOL



  1. Sounds like a perfect plan, J! Poolside, park-walking, Sweetpea, and having your stuff moved! Couldn't be better! And, hey, grapes are toxic to dogs, so the lack of grape-bearing cabana boys is probably a good thing! :-)

  2. You're right! Good point :D I actually love thinking about staying at nice hotels but never do because I'm too practical! xoxo

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I've been following you for awhile now but haven't left a comment...what a stalker ;) I'm really hoping this cycle will be IT for both of us! We're almost on the same exact schedule, as far as dates go! Did you put your name in for Sept./Oct on cyclesista yet? Anyway, glad to see you're doing better, hubby is home and you're moving forward! Woot.