Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My early birthday presents are here! Today the man in the brown uniform rang my doorbell and handed it over. Meanwhile the packers were busy in my house delicately wrapping each item and lauding my husband's AMS (You can kind of see some of the boxes in the background). I couldn't break out my presents while they were here, so I tucked the precious refrigerated portion away and went back to watching other people work. Yeah, it was rough.

So I broke out the box and thank goodness I did! Apparently I have a special mixed version of Lupron that requires refrigeration upon receipt.

Here is what the Credit Card bought me!

Prepping: Follistim (900 iu), Menopur, Lupron 40 mcg/0.2mL
Accessories: What girl doesn't love her accessories! Follistim pen (because I don't already have three), sharps container 1.5 qt, 22 gauge syringes, 25 gauge needles, insulin sized needles
For after ER: Cefadroxil, Femtrace, Methylpred tab, and my favorite Crinone Gel Vag 2-1 applicator to replace the PIO shots.

Then do you know what that Credit Card bitch did? She stuck me with the bill. Who sticks a girl with the bill for her own birthday present? $2538. It could have been worse, I had some presents left over from last time.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...xoxo


  1. Yaaaaaaaah! Happy Birthday to yooooohooooooooo! My box (I said box) will be comin' round the mountain tomorrow!

    Ladies, start your syringes!

  2. hahahah! I love the ams commentary. It's still making me laugh.

  3. Happy Birthday!! My birthday is two months away but I've got part of my present in the fridge and can't wait to start using it :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I know I'm biased, but September birthdays are the best. Here's hoping this birthday is lucky in more ways than one!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a great present, mood swings and painful shots all wraped in a nice little box. Oh well, enjoy your birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! I knew you would get excited about this cycle once the box arrived.