Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The daily

My Day:

Today I went to organic produce heaven, aka Trader Joes. Okay, I'm sure Whole Paycheck has more, but I love my little TJ's stores. I was also able to buy bread, marinara sauce, and a plethora of other goodies without five tons of the white death (salt) in it. No, I didn't drive two hours just to go there, but it was the highlight of my day.

Today I had to run up to Saint Louis for my ancient but sturdy Volvo's leaking steering fluid thingy. The best part about waiting at the dealership is that they have a huge comfy leather couch and overstuffed chair to wait in. One nap later, I was on my way.

The cycle:

The devil drug, Lupron, is hitting FairyEggs pretty hard. She's on a higher dose of it than I was at 15 units but will be dropping down to 10 units on Saturday when she starts the stim meds.

And I must admit that my inner cheerleader is doing cartwheels with the mere thought of FairyEggs actually starting herstimulation meds. Cartwheel people. FairyEgg's Saturday's stim meds will include 275 iu Follistim and 75 of Menopur and continue until her first ultrasound at day seven. For my cycles, I was always monitored at day three, so it seems endless to wait until day seven to peek at her follies.  I'm just crossing my fingers that she responds well to the meds.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is my first shot of this cycle with 0.2 cc of E2V....some sort of estrogen. The lovely part of this E2V shot is that it only happens every three days. While growing lining has never been a problem for me, it seems like other people doing FETs and such are on a lot more meds. Any thoughts?

As my parting thought for tonight, I have decided that my chance of getting pregnant has gone exponentially up since hell has frozen over and a Republican now has Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. No, I'm not including political commentary here, I just never thought that would happen! So if a Republican can get elected in Mass, maybe an infertile girl can get knocked up. It could happen!



  1. I'm glad this cycle is looking awesome for you. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Your story of donor eggs is the first one I have followed. I've enjoyed the ride so far and I'm looking forward to a very happy ending. :-)

  2. How surreal for you to be in the middle of this cycle, but not be the one feeling the madness from the lupron! Must be really strange, and fantastic, and weird, and hopeful all at the same time. I agree, this is so looking hopeful for you. Hugs to fairy eggs, she is a trooper. xx

  3. It's sooooooooooo going to happen!! Very excited for you!

  4. I totally chuckled at the MA comment. So true, so true. :)

    I've been doing a ton of IF reading lately (an overload, really, but what else is there to do, right?) and I just finished a little chapter last night on the history of donor eggs, and how when it first started back in the 80's, it was less formal and more of a "women helping women" movement. And I thought of you and Fairy Eggs. What a super cool, super generous thing. This IS going to happen for you! I'm so genuinely excited to follow your journey...

  5. Oh my god, how exciting is this time for you Jen!!! I am so excited for you and following this journey....good luck....I have everything crossed for you and fairy eggs..

  6. Happy ICLW! I do hope all works out well for you! I do not have children yet, and we are not set to try for at least another year, but I hope to learn from these blogs - just in case.

    In the meantime, I want to say that I'm a bit envious of you having a Trader Joe's nearby. I have always enjoyed shopping there, but sadly I have not found one in my area. ::sigh:: There may be one in Orlando, but that is a bit far for me.