Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lovely Bears

Today we received our third treadmill since November. I'm seriously crossing my fingers that this one is it, although I really could have used it before this cycle got going. The fact that it arrives the day before I leave for California is like the universe telling me I don't really need it, right? No, I really do!

But at this point I'm certainly not worrying about things like that because I hope to have a delightful little belly bump in a few months. Can you believe the hope that is spreading onto this page? It's there inside of me from my head to my painted pink toes. This just happened this afternoon with the pulling out of the suitcase and the packing of my syringes.

Since this is the third, three hundred pound machine, I have politely declined to haul it from our garage through the kitchen and into the living room. It's a paper weight on steroids that happens to bend and fold as you shuffle along with it. It's really not a pretty sight to see me helping.

Instead, my hubby has enlisted the help of his friends from class. One of the guys is this tall strapping fellow with reddish blond hair whom we've only known since October yet he and his wife are some of those instant friends you make moving from station to station in the Army. The other, is a totally earnest guy, who luckily is alone right now since his shrew of a wife is not local. We've known him for several years since he was also stationed at Fort Polk.

The most beautiful thing came from these two lovely bears of men. Separately, they both wished me the best of luck over the next couple of weeks for this cycle. What was incredibly lovely was that you could tell they meant it from the bottom of their hearts. They were both so sincere in quietly telling me this....I can only imagine how strange it is to broach that kind of subject with your friend's wife. It was simply beautiful to have this unconditional support offered up so freely from an unexpected source.

We are lucky to have so much love around us. I guess it is in the hardest of times that you see what is in the heart of the people who surround you.

More to come from California....xoxo


  1. How sweet :) Hope everything goes great in CA, can't wait to hear more...

  2. How exciting that you are packing to go to CA. I'm wishing you lots of luck.

    That is so cute of those big strong men quietly wishing you luck.