Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who goes there?

This week we are celebrating all of the lurkers of the world. 

You know who you are, the ones who read but never comment. 

Yes, dad and FairyEgg's mom, that includes you along with anyone else who visits!

So today, leave a comment. Say hi. Wave! 

Lots of love to all of you lurkers! Common' delurk already!



  1. I guess I don't fit into the lurking category, but I'm waving "Hi" nonetheless.

  2. Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a lurker! My daughter has a blog about her IVF journey, and I have followed from her blog to yours, among others. I am sending positive thoughts, prayers and vibes to all of you while I lurk, however!

  3. You're allowed to lurk! It's not a bad thing! :)

  4. I lurk. But I am officially "delurked" right? :) Always praying for you and your journey!!

  5. Thanks for saying hi!

    I love your pups. :) So cute. Sometimes, I think I like dogs better than people....