Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FairyEggs is back!

If “Muffin Top” is a good thing, then I must have thousands of eggies to hand over…..Now, I had a bit of a muffin before this started, but it is OUT OF CONTROL NOW!  I have been working hard for three years to get rid of the baby belly and now I am right back where I was a couple of years ago.  Albeit, for a great reason.  I have forced myself to stay away from the scale because I know it will be bad news.  This comes off pretty quick, right?

My emotions are a different story.  I feel like a train wreck.  It feels a bit like post partum depression.  I don’t care about anything.  My house, my work, if my kids are clean or if I make everyone around me miserable.  My eight year old asked me if I had taken my “grumpy medicine” today because of how I was treating everyone.  I feel bad, but not bad enough to change my behavior.  The only person I want to talk to is my husband or my mom or J about how crappy I feel.  I have virtually ignored all of my friends and even my sister because of the apathy.  I can put up the front at work and by the time I make it home I have nothing left to give anyone else.  Thankfully, I have the most amazing man in the world supporting me and loving me.  He keeps telling me this is temporary and will be over soon.  He has only bruised me a bit, so I don’t have anything to complain about there.

Enough complaining.  We are excited to go on this adventure!  Disneyland, Huntington Beach and maybe Rodeo Drive in our future!   I am excited about my mom coming out and staying with us and just hanging out with us.  Wish us luck!  We are hoping for the best possible scenario!!!  By the way, I would do this all again in a heart beat for my best friend in the whole world.  You are amazing!


How can you not love this girl! ;) j


  1. Jenniper she is beautiful.. we do love her. Hugs.

  2. i love fairyeggs! and she isn't even stimming for me!
    how lucky that you two found each other and are able to be there in such a wonderful, tangible way for each other.
    i wish you all the best

  3. Thanks for posting that - makes me think of my own donor who is stimming now too, but she is anonymous, which is kind of sad for me. I'd love to know how she is doing, and it is so great to hear the humor and caring that FairyEggs has for you. Good luck to you both!

  4. I love FairyEggs... if she ever comes and visits you we have to have a lunch date! :) Give her a big hug for me, she is amazing (but you know that!). I hope that things go well in the next couple of weeks.

  5. ((HUGS))

    So glad that you have each other :)

  6. oh stop it fairy eggs, you always make me cry! Such a sweet paragraph at the end. And its so heart warming to hear a non-infertile go through all the symptoms that we IFers have felt on numerous occaisions, and I must admit that part of me wondered if I was dramatising the side effects a bit and I feel like I'm not allowed to complain about them, but hearing you talk about the emotional rollercoaster was somehow comforting (is that wrong that I feel that way?) because it made me feel normal... Thanks. PS - Muffin tops rock!!