Saturday, July 25, 2009

I want to cry...

I'm not against crying, but I don't typically cry at the drop of a hat either. In fact I haven't cried at all this year through all of the IUI treatments. But now, when my doctor told me my estrogen level doesn't get a gold star, I do feel a bit like crying. So, I'm now sitting at home on my couch with my dear, dear sister who does get a gold star for going with me on these 5 hour trips there and back.

The goal for day three of the stims is to be at a 100-300 level. I am at 63. So, he's bumping up my meds to 300 iu Follistim and 2 vials of Menepur. It's not even a big setback or anything. But dammit, I am an overachiever! Comm'on now!

My ultrasound showed sixteen follicles perfectly symmetrical with eight on the left and eight on the right. The left range from 8-12 mm and the right from 6-11 mm.

I go back Tuesday for a day six ultrasound and labs. We'll see how the eggies are doing then. For now, I think I'll go take a nap and pet my dogs.

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  1. you are a brave soul. Alot of dedicated time and effort. I will keep tabs and pray for the best. valerie