Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stims Day 9

Today my sister and I checked out of our hotel and left New Orleans (goodbye beignets!) and left for my appointment in Lafayette. We had a wonderful time walking through the French Quarter and riding the St. Charles Streetcar all the way down through the Garden District and back. Although the humidity was the worst I have ever felt in the three years, I've lived in Louisiana, I survived walking the distance fluffy stomach and all. Part of the problem was that my abnormally fluffy stomach seemed to have stretched a pair of pants that fit me just a few weeks ago. So, my comfortable go-to A.T. Loft pants were now pulling across the pockets. That it is a particular pet peeve of mine that I learned from my mother (yes mom, I did listen!). So, lesson #1 avoid having tight pants in humid weather during IVF. By the way, the pants were tight before the tasty beignets at Cafe du Monde!

Lesson #2 - If by chance, I do managed to get knocked up by this IVF cycle, I have learned not to go back to the RE doctor's office during and IVF monitoring cycle time with my little munchkin! Crazy ladies live in the waiting rooms. A couple brought their baby by to show Dr. S and the staff today while I was waiting to talk to the nurse. Thankfully, I am not crazy, but rather happy to see that it worked for someone else! The incredibly sweet woman who does the U/S explained that it can be really touchy for some ladies. She's always trying to keep the peace. Love it!

So, "how did it go?" you ask. Well lefty was sporting an 11, 13, 13, 13, 13, and a 14 mm eggs with righty laying the smack down with a 13, 13, 14, 14, 16, and 16 mm eggs. My estrogen was at a sad little 400 today. Seriously, big E, we're suppose to be at 1000 right now! The good news is that I showed an increase with the jump in medication over the past two days. The nurse said that typically the estrogen is about 200 for every 16 mm that you have, which would put me right on. However, lets hope for a big increase over the next two days. They're pushing me to at least eleven days on the stim cycle with twelve being the absolute max. We'll see how I do!

Think of me!

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  1. Did you ever think you wouldn't have ENOUGH estrogen? I thought people thought we all had too much! Funny how life is, huh? Your eggies sound huge!!!!! I am so proud of them! Keep growing and let the estrogen rise!!!! Love you much....