Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was pretty worried going into the u/s and labs today because of my low estrogen last time. It's improved but not great, so they're bumping up my medication to Follistim 450 iu, Menopur 2 vials, Lupron 5 ml.

The deets:
Left Ovary - 9 eggs between 7-11 mm
Right Ovary - 7 eggs between 9-13 mm...the ovary itself was pretty enlarged (eek)
Estrogen up to 226 (should be over 300 now)

Grow, grow, grow!

Pre-registered at the hospital. Fun, fun. Saw Dr. S walking in the hall.

Later on...8:34 pm. Hubby called earlier from overseas. He'll be home in 2.5 weeks which is wild! My sister and I kept driving after my appointment to New Orleans for a few days of fun in between appointments. Our hotel was suppose to be nice, but has ended up having airheaded service people who have been sucking up ever since we complained. Thank goodness my sister is the one who did the talking since I would have probably gone off in a hormonal rage! We walked down to the Riverwalk in the sweltering humidity so my sister could see the Mississippi River. We headed down N Peter's St. to Felipe's Mexican Taqueria. Can I say YUMYUM in my loudest indoor voice? I had the best flautas ever. Walking was perhaps not the most comfortable thing with my fluffy tummy tucked inside my jeans. I had no idea how puffy I would get from all of these injections! But, quite frankly, it is good for me to get out of my little town and have some low key time in the city.


  1. woo 450 follistim! haha. Tonight was my last follistim, its now onto Repronex for me. UGH it's intramuscular =[

    I am noticing now that walking gets uncomfortable, I bet the people at Walmart today thought I was doing a pregnancy waddle!

  2. Not looking forward to those, but at the same time desperately hoping to get there! I'm a little terrified that it will be cancelled because of my estrogen levels. Ha ha...the pregnancy waddle! I'm feeling you!