Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now it's getting fun...really

Yesterday I went down for a hysterosonigram which looks for abnormalities within the uterus. It is an ultrasound with a small saline injection which is quite easy on the patient. The bad news was that there is a three centimeter polyp right around the area where they normally insert the eggs. If I wasn't having in-vitro, it wouldn't be a problem. However, since it is near the area where they insert the eggs and also larger than the normal one centimeter, it must be removed! Quick and speedy as always, we'll be doing the procedure on Friday. However it requires anesthesia and someone to drive me to and from as well. Thankfully my sister will be able to come down a day early to help me out. So I went over and pre-registered with the hospital for the surgery.

What was so fun about the whole day was that DH called from overseas and was upset that the doctor's office wanted him to get some papers notarized. Since he was just in their office a few weeks ago, he didn't understand why they didn't have him fill out the in-vitro paperwork before. He called and was completely ticked off about the whole situation. I got extremely ticked off because honestly I have had to deal with all of this on my own. Getting some paperwork notarized, although annoying, was pretty much a small piece of the puzzle for me. Of course, for him, it's a huge PITA moment when you consider all of the other work he has to do. I rarely get mad, but this had me mad and crying. Of course we talked it out and all is fine, but I was emotionally drained at that point. What sucks for him is that when he called, he had no idea about everything. So he walks into the situation blind. I swear, that even when I am upset, that man is the best thing in my life.

All in all, it was just one of those days. This is something that we have to deal with in the process with him being far away and the crappy emotions that go with the situation.

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