Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The mundane :)

Lots of stuff has been running through my head over the last week but most of it is really mundane or so sensitive I am not sure I want to even discuss it until I've processed it more. So where does the mundane, deep + writer's block leave me? It leaves me without much to blog about!

The great news is that I have gotten some some energy back over the last week and feel like a human being again! At the beginning of the week, I had my first successful grocery shopping trip where I didn't need to run through the last few aisles looking green. Yesterday I even went for a walk with Sweetpea in the beautiful spring weather. Exciting stuff, right? Again, with the mundane. However, after feeling like death for a few weeks, it seems like a miracle.

I have been eating constantly through the day at the slightest sign of my stomach starting to hurt or rumble which is usually every two hours. Since I am already at my heaviest weight, I want to keep my weight gain down to what is simply healthy. So far, my weight has stayed constant, but then I woke up this morning with an extra two pounds since yesterday and slightly swollen fingers. That's probably just water retention, but I'm trying to stick to the healthier foods for the next few days. That's hard to do when Pringles and ice cream sandwiches are amazing stomach settlers!

This morning I called the gym on post to see if they have any prenatal classes. Yeah, no. I live in podunk! I guess walking the dog and perhaps on the treadmill is it.

I've been thinking a lot about my blogger friends who are still waiting for good news. I may be on the other side now, but I have not forgotten you and what it feels like. Hang in there.

And for Lis...I only have Sweetpea now but I love her to death!


Friday, March 26, 2010


So today I got an email from my dad with "Which size olive?" in the subject line. Attached was this:

Too funny dad! BTW, the nausea came back with a vengeance today. NO FAIR!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

:) A happier J

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful so I got outside and watched hubby wash the truck and also sat in the backyard with Sweetpea. Not only were the days wonderful, but I did not feel nauseous! Cheers erupting over here! As long as I keep the food consistent and take my B6, it is no longer constant but just comes at random times. This I can deal with. I just hope it lasts!

I have found myself a little overly emotional lately. While we were outside washing the truck, this little two or three month old black lab puppy ran into our garage and hid behind the motorcycle. Hubby started trying to get him to go away and the whines and whimpers literally tore at my heart. I can not stand to see people treat dogs like this. She was literally skin and bones and obviously had been neglected by her owners.  There are few things that really kill me like seeing an animal mistreated and this one was no exception. Since we've only lived here a few months, I had no idea where the pet shelter was, but I tracked it down and took the puppy over to them. At least now she'll have food and water and a chance to get adopted.

In other fun news, I celebrated the end of PIO shots yesterday! "Yaaaaay" cheer the upper right hand quadrants of my butt cheeks! All other pills and E2V shots continue until week ten. I can see the light where I might get to graduate from my RE! :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

8 weeks 2 days

Ultrasound #2 magic happened today after an hour wait in the lovely beige waiting room. Without further ado, look how my pumpkin has grown!

My hubby was completely shocked with how much bigger the little one has grown! Apparently, he needs to keep up with my pregnancy food ticker. :)


Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've tried to piece together a cohesive post, but it really hasn't been happening. So here are the tidbits in random order:

  • Going to the grocery store inevitably makes me feel like shit. Walking through the first five aisles are fine and then the death hits me and I feel like I'm going to die. No kidding. I was ready to start bawling after I finally got home and gulped down some cold ginger ale. I then desperately shoved the frozen and cold food into the fridge at all sorts of odd angles so I could stagger over to the couch.
  • This morning, my husband wanted to get a memorabilia print framed, so I happily went along with him. Ten minutes later I was green and again staggering back into the house to once again gulp more ginger ale. He normally makes fun of me and says annoying things like "better you than me!" However, I think he realized upon seeing me in that state that I might kick his ass and puke all over him. So he was actually much nicer. 
  • Despite all this feeling like I'm going to die, I have actually had some great hours this past week where I was able to be productive and even contemplate taking a walk. I still haven't made it on said walk, but I'm excited that I even feel like it! 
  • Last night, I successfully made it through a twisty fifteen minute drive to make it to my hubby's favorite restaurant where they serve all you can eat catfish on Friday nights. I'm not such a big fan, but it works for him. I was happy to make it through an entire dinner with friends to boot! 
  • Speaking of fish, my husband reheated some in the microwave while I was out one day which in and by itself is absolutely nasty as fish should never be reheated. However, the smell. O. M. G. I had to run for the backdoor to let in some fresh air. I think fish is now banned from my house for the duration of however long this nausea lasts!
  • This morning, said friends from Friday night dinner, remembered that I have been LOVING bagels right now. They made a delivery of a dozen bagels from Einstein's which is the only place around here to have fresh bagels. I woke up to my husband dangling the box in front of me...I was unbelievable overjoyed. 
That's about it. These are the random tidbits from my life. Despite the constant plague, I would not trade this for a single second! My next ultrasound is Monday, so let's hope my little pumpkin is fairing well in there!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things to make me happy

Today I went on a trip to Wally World to purchase some things to make me  my stomach happy. Here is what I came up with:

  • ginger ale -- Canada Dry! 
  • tapioca pudding
  • frozen bean, rice, and cheese burrito
  • bagels
  • cream cheese
  • strawberry ice cream - the tiny one serving Hagan Daz version. 

The ginger ale and bagel with cream cheese was heaven! Afterwards, I sat here marveling that my stomach did not hurt nor did I feel nauseous! Then I decided to try a tapioca a little while later which apparently wasn't such a good choice. Ah, you can't win them all.

Happy St Paddy's Day! Happy birthday to my mom!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

I never thought I would say this, but I now have a love hate relationship with food.

If I don't eat, I feel nauseous.
If I eat too much, I feel nauseous.
If I eat the wrong thing, I feel nauseous.
If I cook meat, I feel really nauseous.

I promised myself before I got pregnant, that if I ever did, I would not complain. After all, this is what I've spent thousands of dollars, a plethora of tears, and a couple of years of my life wanting! So, suck it up buttercup! There are plenty of women out there who would trade places with me in a second! Complaining is just rude, right? Well, that has all dissolved into the puddle of my nauseousness that has overtaken my life. So let me just apologize now.

I haven't posted much in the last week because really, it just seems to rule my life and I was trying not to whine. Most days instead of doing anything productive, I lay on the couch desperately hoping it will go away. Thankfully the B6 three times a day has helped, but it still comes and goes. On Saturday, my husband and I actually scheduled time to spend together by driving an hour to the nearest city that is bigger than podunk. Of course, not eating on time combined with the stop and start of driving through traffic, made me abandon my let's go eat a great restaurant attitude and head for the nearest place that would give me food. I still enjoyed my time with him though. :)

So that's about it folks! Nausea. That's what's going on.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have one little pumpkin with a beautiful flickering heartbeat!

And up close here it is again!

Little pumpkin is measuring right on time at 6 week 4 daysish with an estimated due day of Oct 31st or Nov 1st!

Although I was suppose to have my eight week full physical done in two weeks, they went ahead and did it today. I started off with a sky high blood pressure as normal and had to wait again to do it a few minutes later when it returned to a normal range. Then I had to strip and get poked and prodded all over including ears, mouth, nose, lungs, breast exam, in addition to a whole infectious disease panel. Hmm, haven't I already done these? Yeah.

Of course I broke out in a sweat and then felt woozy sitting up on the table...then nauseous. The midwife who will be doing all of my ultrasounds in the OB clinic is completely sweet grey haired lady who is a former colonel and also a physician's assistant. She suggested B6 three times a day to help with the nausea which I'm hoping will help return me to my former non-lumpish self.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Registration Done!

This morning I went to my registration appointment with about eight other ladies. Surprisingly I didn't feel out of place with the other pregnant women, but I did feel old at the ripe old age of 33. The nurse gave us a brief run down on what we can expect and then inundated us with books/planners/magazines (see below).

We then were able to schedule the typical eight week appointment where a head to toe physical is done, and we are poked and prodded just a little bit more. The nurse was super sweet and agreed to take care of my extra ultrasounds in the clinic on their little machine. I'm not sure what little entails, but I just want to see a heartbeat and make sure there is only one bun in the oven. We're going on Thursday, and what's even better is that hubby does get to come! Whoot!

The horrible part of this morning was that after I scheduled my appointment, I had to go downstairs for my urine sample and blood work. Of course, I was feeling a bit nauseous by this time and then had to go have the vampires suck my blood. I must have turned green as the lab girl asked me if I was okay at least four times. Before I could actually drive, I had to sit in my car, drink some water and let the cold sweat die down. Happily hubby surprised me by showing up at the shop I had to stop at to pick him up some uniform junk so we could have lunch together. A sprite and two chicken tacos later, I was feeling more like a normal person.

Now, only two more days to wait. Yay!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Monday (6w2d)

Another Monday morning and time is not passing quick enough for me since I'm dying dying dying to get into register with the OB clinic tomorrow and get a dang appointment for an ultrasound! I want to see a heartbeat!

I was delighted this morning that my husband asked me when my appointment was tomorrow. He wanted to know as soon as possible when the ultrasound would be scheduled so that he could possibly come with me. I know for most people, this isn't something out of the norm. However, with my hubby ensconced in a military training, missing any portion of the class is really not an option. It made me smile that he was looking forward to it.

The spotting has been occurring off and on since my last post, however it has been really light. I continue to feel nauseous at all hours of the day but have not thrown up at all. So, I spend most of my day drinking water and sipping Sprite while laying on my couch attempting to work.  I feel like a big (happy) lump.


Friday, March 5, 2010

More spotting

After my trip to the grocery store this morning--ooh, big outing--I fell back in bed and slept until my husband got home at three. That's when i saw more spotting. Heavier then before and two separate colors, red and brown. I know this is normal but I would really prefer this NOT to happen! I'm not freaking out though, I'm just resting away.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aversions to Work

I have seriously turned into a sleeping and relaxing machine! The fact that I have 15 more final projects and 30 technology papers to grade, a syllabus to adjust for my new class, and posts to write for our discussions simply fall to the bottom of my to do list as there are blogs to read, symptoms to google, books to read, a dog to play with... Yes, I am having serious aversions to actually completing my work. Can I blame this on being preoccupied with being pregnant and waiting anxiously for my appointment next week?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My dad

My dad is going to make the best grandpa ever. When I was growing up, he was incredibly strict in terms of boys, schools, religion, and clothing. My boyfriends, of whom I was NOT suppose to have, walked in fear of him which is probably an excellent thing looking back. As time has passed, we have developed a wonderful adult relationship in which I appreciate all of what he has done for me and he respects that I'm an adult. We actually like spending time together at the holidays and plan family vacations with adjoining balcony staterooms. More and more as he gets older, he has turned into a big soft mush, the kind that loves you to death and would do anything for you no matter how inconvenient. He reminds me so much of my grandpa, his dad, who was always just fun.

So imagine his glee at hearing that he is going to be a grandpa. Yep, glee people.

This morning he called to check on me to see how I was feeling. He's been looking up information on pregnancy and finding out what's going on week by week. Hearing the smile on his face when he talked about it definitely hit the cute button. He says that every dinner conversation always has some element where child birth is mentioned which is a big no-no in his book.  I was cracking up today imagining him doing this now. It's so much more interesting now that it's happening to his grandbaby! :)

Day: 5 weeks 3 days
Current weight: -2
Current cravings: cottage cheese with peaches, sprite, cookies
Current aversions: chicken broth, chicken, squash
Happenings: Spotting stopped.
Next appointment: March 9 - Intake only


Monday, March 1, 2010

Nothing New - More spotting

Nothing new today lovelies. Felt great all day despite light, brown spotting. Then I made dinner and the chicken broth has made me want to hurl...which is good. However, I'm trying to lay very very still right now.  I spotted pink this evening. No yay for that. No email back from the RE's office either. Ugh.