Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

I never thought I would say this, but I now have a love hate relationship with food.

If I don't eat, I feel nauseous.
If I eat too much, I feel nauseous.
If I eat the wrong thing, I feel nauseous.
If I cook meat, I feel really nauseous.

I promised myself before I got pregnant, that if I ever did, I would not complain. After all, this is what I've spent thousands of dollars, a plethora of tears, and a couple of years of my life wanting! So, suck it up buttercup! There are plenty of women out there who would trade places with me in a second! Complaining is just rude, right? Well, that has all dissolved into the puddle of my nauseousness that has overtaken my life. So let me just apologize now.

I haven't posted much in the last week because really, it just seems to rule my life and I was trying not to whine. Most days instead of doing anything productive, I lay on the couch desperately hoping it will go away. Thankfully the B6 three times a day has helped, but it still comes and goes. On Saturday, my husband and I actually scheduled time to spend together by driving an hour to the nearest city that is bigger than podunk. Of course, not eating on time combined with the stop and start of driving through traffic, made me abandon my let's go eat a great restaurant attitude and head for the nearest place that would give me food. I still enjoyed my time with him though. :)

So that's about it folks! Nausea. That's what's going on.



  1. You're not complaining, you're reporting. It's just the way it is. I am grateful to be pregnant, too, but that doesn't make feeling like poo any easier. Try ginger cookies and flat ginger ale - it seems to help a little. And lots of little snacks during the day so you don't get too hungry or too full. I'm still figuring it out myself. It it weren't for Zofran I'd be a wimpering mess curled up on the floor. (As it stands, I'm just a mess curled up on the couch!)

  2. I think your whining is perfectly understandable! Don't apologize, you don't feel well! Hoping you feel better soon, my dear!

  3. Ugh! Hopefully this will fade soon!

    I recently started my new infertility blog. Stop by if you like!


  4. Boo to nausea! Sorry that it's giving you a tough time!

    For what it's worth - I'd rather see you blogging so I can keep up with you! And like a previous comment said, you're not complaining!

    Hang in there!!

  5. I wondered where you all picked... what a 'sunny' day you all picked to come out here! Sorry that your tummy hasn't been feeling to well, just think, in seven more months, you won't have time to eat! :) Give your pumpkin some love for me.

  6. I was THE SAME WAY! You're just keeping it "REAL" and that's what people like. It's not complaining. It's your blog and you can whine about nausea if you want to-its a tough thing to go through! BUT I MADE IT and you will too my friend! Believe it or not, it's a distant memory now!

  7. Say it loud--IT SUCKS! My midwife told me your body is running up a mountain but you've never worked out. Hopefully it will only last for a couple more weeks. The day I turned 12 weeks it disappeared. Love to you!!!!


  8. OK -- I admit it -- I'm jealous, but I still feel bad that you are feeling so shitty and think you are allowed to complain about it whenever you'd like.
    I second the ginger advice -- it always helps my stomach. Good luck and feel better soon!

  9. Yeah, the stop and go traffic STILL gets to me, and I finished my morning sickness weeks ago. I also swore I wouldn't complain about pregnancy and now it's pretty much all I do. I like to say that I just wanted babies, I never wanted the actual pregnancy part of it. I can't lie and say pregnancy isn't rough, but I still think it's worth it.

  10. I literally feel your pain right now. I am having a hard time eating healthy right now. The only thing that seems to sit well with me are burgers and tacos. It kind of feel like it is a hangover that does not end.

  11. I think that whining about the nausea is completely acceptable and I am sure that I will do it when I finally get pregnant :) I hope that the nausea goes away soon!

  12. I went through this exactly!! Me and food, not a fun match!! I also felt awful for feeling bad and didn't post about it. I finally did though and felt so much better expressing my feelings! Pregnancy won't always be puppies and rainbows, but it is an amazing blessing!!
    Sending you good thoughts of the nausea going away!