Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The mundane :)

Lots of stuff has been running through my head over the last week but most of it is really mundane or so sensitive I am not sure I want to even discuss it until I've processed it more. So where does the mundane, deep + writer's block leave me? It leaves me without much to blog about!

The great news is that I have gotten some some energy back over the last week and feel like a human being again! At the beginning of the week, I had my first successful grocery shopping trip where I didn't need to run through the last few aisles looking green. Yesterday I even went for a walk with Sweetpea in the beautiful spring weather. Exciting stuff, right? Again, with the mundane. However, after feeling like death for a few weeks, it seems like a miracle.

I have been eating constantly through the day at the slightest sign of my stomach starting to hurt or rumble which is usually every two hours. Since I am already at my heaviest weight, I want to keep my weight gain down to what is simply healthy. So far, my weight has stayed constant, but then I woke up this morning with an extra two pounds since yesterday and slightly swollen fingers. That's probably just water retention, but I'm trying to stick to the healthier foods for the next few days. That's hard to do when Pringles and ice cream sandwiches are amazing stomach settlers!

This morning I called the gym on post to see if they have any prenatal classes. Yeah, no. I live in podunk! I guess walking the dog and perhaps on the treadmill is it.

I've been thinking a lot about my blogger friends who are still waiting for good news. I may be on the other side now, but I have not forgotten you and what it feels like. Hang in there.

And for Lis...I only have Sweetpea now but I love her to death!



  1. Glad the energy is coming back!

  2. So glad you're feeling better!

  3. Sweetpea is the cutest dog ever! Well, if you don't count my own furbaby.

    Thanks you for your encouraging words :)

  4. Thank you for remembering those of us still waiting. It's nice to know that there are still others out there who get it, even though they get to move on! :)

    Your dog is so cute! For some reason I thought you had two, but regardless, she is adorable.

  5. I did have two dogs Sweetpea and Pepper. We got Pepper when Sweetpea was two years old. Sweetpea always loved other dogs but could not stand Pepper in her own home. They fought every once awhile--huge bloody fights. The worst. I finally found Pep a new home and cried uncontrollably for weeks. She was my baby. I still miss her.

  6. Hey, mundane is good! My naturopath told me that the worst symptoms usually start to fade at about week 10. Sounds like you're right on schedule.

  7. so beautiful that sweetpea! love her and sooo glad you have nothing to report :)

  8. yay for energy!!
    I love the pics of Sweetpea!!