Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things to make me happy

Today I went on a trip to Wally World to purchase some things to make me  my stomach happy. Here is what I came up with:

  • ginger ale -- Canada Dry! 
  • tapioca pudding
  • frozen bean, rice, and cheese burrito
  • bagels
  • cream cheese
  • strawberry ice cream - the tiny one serving Hagan Daz version. 

The ginger ale and bagel with cream cheese was heaven! Afterwards, I sat here marveling that my stomach did not hurt nor did I feel nauseous! Then I decided to try a tapioca a little while later which apparently wasn't such a good choice. Ah, you can't win them all.

Happy St Paddy's Day! Happy birthday to my mom!



  1. It feels so good to find something you can actually eat AND enjoy. It seems the color of my diet during the 1st tri was either brown or orange. I could only handle carbs. I know you probably hear this already, but eat what you can! Eat what makes you and the belly happy!

  2. Happy is good. I'm glad that you are feeling a little bit better!

  3. the bagle and cream cheese sounds WAY better then the nasty Egg Salad sandwiches that I could only eat.... :) Give your little pumpkin some love from me!

  4. glad you're feeling a little better, how good does it feel to find something you can eat :D

  5. Glad you've found some things to agree with you! And if you do feel the need to complain about being sick, go right ahead. IF does enough it doesn't get to take away your right to moan when you feel icky!

    Hugs and thanks for all the support over my way! It means so much!

  6. nice shopping selection there jen! Glad at least some of it was able to be enjoyed without the nausea!!

  7. i hope it helped :o)
    i haven't been around too much lately i hope you are doing well!!

  8. I have been all over the bagels and cream cheese. Actually, all things carb. Hope that nausea tapers off soon...

  9. little horizon vanilla milks. yummm.