Thursday, March 25, 2010

:) A happier J

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful so I got outside and watched hubby wash the truck and also sat in the backyard with Sweetpea. Not only were the days wonderful, but I did not feel nauseous! Cheers erupting over here! As long as I keep the food consistent and take my B6, it is no longer constant but just comes at random times. This I can deal with. I just hope it lasts!

I have found myself a little overly emotional lately. While we were outside washing the truck, this little two or three month old black lab puppy ran into our garage and hid behind the motorcycle. Hubby started trying to get him to go away and the whines and whimpers literally tore at my heart. I can not stand to see people treat dogs like this. She was literally skin and bones and obviously had been neglected by her owners.  There are few things that really kill me like seeing an animal mistreated and this one was no exception. Since we've only lived here a few months, I had no idea where the pet shelter was, but I tracked it down and took the puppy over to them. At least now she'll have food and water and a chance to get adopted.

In other fun news, I celebrated the end of PIO shots yesterday! "Yaaaaay" cheer the upper right hand quadrants of my butt cheeks! All other pills and E2V shots continue until week ten. I can see the light where I might get to graduate from my RE! :)



  1. You have a little olive! Glad to hear you're starting to feel better and enjoy life again. :)

  2. yay for no nausea. and i am the same way about animals...i cant even watch those commercials ugh i have to turn the channel!
    btw T saw your pups and thought they were so cute! can we have some more pics of them soon? :o)

  3. Whoohoo, I'm glad that it now just comes and goes. I also have a heart for animals, espically puppies. I have been known to pull over and try to help out dogs if possable. I hope that you continue to feeling better! Miss you friend!

  4. Heck yeah for a nausea reprieve!!! Take what you can get!
    I, too, loathe people who mistreat animals. Our Husky was abused and neglected and we are blessed to have her. You are a strong woman for taking the sweet pup to the shelter. I would have caved and kept it!

  5. Oh, I envyyyyyy your near-lack of nausea. Can you bottle some of that up and send it to me? Pretty please? :)

  6. By the way...what are you taking for B6 (tablet, liquid, ?)? I'm not sure what to look for at the drug store (unless it's Rx, in which case I'll call the OB's office right away!). I need to add something to my arsenal of anti-nausea combatants.

  7. congrats on saying goodbye to the pio shots. That is a real milestone!
    Good on you for looking after that doggy's wellbeing, I hope he gets a good home. It makes me so angry too when I see animals being neglected. They don't ask for much... just a bit of love and food and its frightening that there are people out there who can't even give them that. I would have got upset about it too.
    Yay for nausea free days!