Saturday, December 1, 2012

The start of my love fest.

At the tender age of two, E already has soooooo much personality. Everyday I just marvel at his mere existence. I can totally understand how parents get all wrapped up in their own child. Because, well darn it, kids are just cool. Mine is no exception. 

So for December, I'm going to be highlighting my love of this little boy. December is going to be a love fest. So prepare yourself for some sap.

Day 1: Those eyes. There are so many times during the day where he turns his attention towards me and looks for approval, to see how I'll react, or to find the next fun thing I'll do. Often times I'll turn around and just see him checking out what I'm doing. 



  1. He does have totally gorgeous eyes! I have thought that about him many times.

  2. I am ready for the sap! I love this idea!!