Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ruler done!

Pinterest made me do it.


I had to make this cute ruler for E's growth chart. Since we move so much, I needed something that I could bring with me as we traverse across the country. I adored this one because it reminds me of marking my height on my grandparents door trim every summer. 

The ruler is super easy to make, but it took me awhile in between getting the board stained (thank you hubby) and actually getting the measurements marks done. It's been languishing in my laundry room for the last month mocking me when I actually washed our clothes. :)

If you want to make one, head on over to 517 creations for a quick tutorial.



  1. I sooo want to do one of these!! Good work on yours - can you just go ahead and make one for me too? ;0)

  2. I have that on my to-do list too! Thanks for the inspiration!! Maybe I'll get it done ... maybe ...