Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2: Binky

If there is one thing in this world that my son loves more than anything, it's his binky. As I peruse through his pictures, I find that even at two years old about half of them have the binky in! Considering that we've been working on getting rid of it since the summer, it's still in a lot!

Believe me, I've heard my fair share from binky-judgers over the last two years. (Eye Roll) I tend to be a tad bit sensitive about someone judging my parenting skills, so my inner self wants to sarcastically slice and dice people who venture onto the binky-judging mat.

Our first shot at weaning the binky was fantastic and we had him down to nap and nights only in about two seconds. Then we went New York. Ten hour flights, the four hour time difference, and long days of sightseeing and restaurants totally did me in and I soon let him have his binky all day long just to get through.

The second try was more difficult as E was aware of my efforts to whisk his binky away at opportune moments. That ended with our first trip to California and was nailed in on our second trip.

As you can see, I'm totally not above using it as a method of getting him to smile and look at the camera.

So now we are on our third and final attempt. I've resorted to gorilla tactics for detaching him from the binky in the morning without him devolving into a tantrum.

My son loves his binky. And me? I'm eternally grateful to the genius that came up with them as it's given him so much simple comfort over the last two years.

Sigh, my baby is growing up.



  1. Using the paci as a tactic to get a smile is genius! Pretty sure it would totally piss off N when I wouldn't let him have it though. We've kind of successfully weaned to just bed times, but wow kids love their "binky!"

    1. Yeah, I do actually give him the binky after I dangle it. I usually only do this if he already has it!! I sneak it away and then he gets all funny and giggly.

  2. My Tadpole did the same thing - we got her down to naps and bedtime only in 2 seconds, and it lasted for months, and now she's a worse addict than she was before. I'm dreading doing the real weaning process. I keep hoping she'll just kind of grow out of it ...

  3. We're down to naps and bedtimes for paci's and those are going to be AWFUL when we make the move to get rid of it for good...

  4. My first child wanted nothing to do with the Binky and I was sad. I am a self professed binky pusher. But he was not interested. 2nd child...YES...she LOVES it ....she just turned two and I swore I would then limit binky to bedtimes and long car rides....but alas....I have discovered....I just don't care. She loves it...I love it. She is right on track for all her speach and development milestones and she just turned two. Binky Haters be damned.....My baby loves her binky and I just don't see a really valid reason to take it away. And..because I am so chill about it...she will take it out if I ask her and we will set it up on the counter and she really does play most of the day without it...but if she asks for it...I give it to her. I'm sure there will be a natural reduction in binky use over time...but for now...I am all about that binky. So...I commend you for your efforts...but I totally understand why you are on round three. Good luck.