Saturday, December 8, 2012

E Lovefest Day 6

In celebration of day six of my lovefest, I have to share with you that my boy is a CUDDLER.

After he wakes up in the morning, he grabs onto me like a monkey and generally refuses to walk to the living room. We sit down with his milk, pop on some 'toons, and snuggle. Rinse and repeat after nap time.

Before I put him down to sleep for nap and night-nights, I sit with him in a chair in his room and do more snuggling. I gather the necessary supplies of: a binky, two blankies, a sippy cup, and my iphone and put him in the crook of my arm. When daddy is around, he wraps the blankets around him like a taco. "Taco!" E will exclaim. We'll sit there together until a) E falls asleep, b) Mommy wakes up from falling asleep, or c) when I'm done at 30 min to an hour. The purpose is not necessarily for him to go to sleep but to calm down and go into sleep mode.

I love the warmth of him all snuggled up with me. Whether or not it is a quiet snuggle or a babbling snuggle, it's one of my favorite times of the day.


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  1. I've helped put kids down for the night many times and I have no clue where they get all their energy from.