Wednesday, December 12, 2012

E Love Day 7: My little helper

E cracks me up in so many ways. However, one of the things that I adore is that E loves to jump in and help around the house. Check it out...

Baking cookies with Granny. Notice the amount of flour on his shirt and the fact that his little man is also on the counter. 
Helping Daddy with the lawn mower.
Giving the hint that mommy should vacuum.
Look ma no hands (while) I mash!
Watering flowers in California.
Shredding with daddy (of course under supervision)
Turning on the lights.
Feeding Sweetpea...although it looks like she's helping herself. He can get the food out of the pantry, scoop the food, take it to her bowl, dump it, and return.

With his little yellow shovel (which matches daddy) he loves shoveling snow!!!

Besides these wonderful things, he's really a little fanatical about dusting. He has very specific ideas about which duster he should get to use too.  He also adores grabbing baby wipes from my bag or the kitchen and wiping down the walls and our coffee table. 

Sap, I tell ya! But, I love it!



  1. Wow wish I could get my husband to do half of what your kid does.

  2. LOVE!!!! I have a little toddler helper too. Sometimes though, the definition of helping is quite skewed though. But it is so much fun to watch her taking it all in, mimicking and then putting her own spin on it!

  3. Love it! Your little guy cracks me up. Send him over here, he and Jamie can rake the yard. That seems to be a lot of fun right now here at our house ... though at 16 his thoughts may differ.