Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ache of the Head (Are those voices too?)

Okay peeps, I need suggestions as I feel like I am about to go crazy with my head pounding, aching, and pain induced nausea. My doc gave me Fioricet but it didn't even touch my headache today. Nothing helps much as I've tried Tylenol, massages, hot showers, cold packs, and sleep. Suggestions on alternatives? Help.



  1. Yuck! There is nothing worse than an excruciating headache... would your doc be OK letting you try acupuncture for relief? I've been a migraine sufferer for years and its the only thing I can say that markedly helped. Feel better mama :(

  2. I did accupuncture in the past for headaches. Worked well. Sometimes exercising works.

    If it's really bad I usually have to sleep it off.

    Hope you get better soon. Headaches are NOT fun.