Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On to Sage...

Well the girls are still full o' milk.

At their height, Bessie and Bossie were producing around 40 ounces of milk per day. Even with my shortened pumping time and extended time between pumpings, they are still managing to squirt out quite a bit. Just yesterday I went to fit the phalange to Bossie when she abruptly shot some milk across the bathroom about two feet. Yep, that really happened.

So I have fully consumed the tin of Altoids and my cabbage leaves have been faithfully applied to the point where I swear I still smell them even though I took a shower. So now I'm onto the third suggestion of incorporating massive amounts of sage into my life. I started off today with sage tea including a cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon of dried sage, and a squirt of honey...yummy. Tonight I tried putting the 1/2 tsp onto a corner of a peanut butter sandwich. Wow, I did not spread it out enough and ended up coughing up powdery sage for the next fifteen minutes.

In other fun news, the nurse called to tell me the culture shows I have a bacteria in my breast milk. As my doc is out this week, the one covering his patients wants me to come in tomorrow for another culture and exam. This time they're doing an anaerobic and fungal culture. All I think of when someone says fungal is my giant mushroom from Louisiana. Sweet!

My maternal guilt has been easing over the last few days. I was really happy today when I gave baby E some formula and he went right into food coma. I figure this is because formula is a little heavier than breastmilk -- the equivalent of eating a big old turkey dinner and then passing out. I figure that's a good thing. :)

Hope you are well!



  1. I was going to say maybe you have a fungal issue. Although my ongoing issues are in my lungs/sinuses and not my "ladies," we seem to have the same kind of non-responsiveness to our treatments. I did some research and found that, in my case, the "infection" might actually be fungal in nature. Super grosses me out for some reason, like I have a lining of mold inside me, but definitely could explain why all the antibiotics weren't working.

    So happy to hear you're coping a little better with not being able to feed. E sounds like he likes having a full belly and if that puts him off to la-la land...totally worth it!! Good luck, lady.

  2. Hey girlie!!! When you are ready to completely dry it up not just wean, take sudafed or some other decongestant. It actually dries up all "cavaties" in your body. That's why you are not soposed to take it while you are nursing. It accidentally happened to Mere when she was really sick when Carter was 5 months old. More unsolicited advice from the east coast with much love!!


  3. Love those gummy smiles! What a cutie! Sorry to read about your mastitis. No one ever tells you of just how many challenges can come with breastfeeding--it's not easy. Best wishes to you!