Sunday, January 23, 2011

The blogosphere

When I first started blogging, I remember just feeling this intense loneliness and isolation as I started towards my first IVF cycle. I thought this blog was just a way to start speaking even if no one was listening.

It felt forced at first because I simply hadn't let myself contemplate most of the ins and outs of what we were going through. My husband was deployed. We lived states away from my family. I felt like I was stuttering, but I had to get some things out. Over the year and a half that followed, I have come to find an amazing group of strong women (and one man :)) who have given me such strength as they walk the same path. Even more, moms and friends of fellow bloggers, people I only knew a little in real life, cousins, and even my hubby's girlfriend from high school came to cry and also cheer with us.

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems like the losses of people around me have been coming with every turn. Wiseguy lost Lola this week. My friend stationed in Germany confided that she lost her twins in two separate miscarriages. Then someone who cheered me on my DE journey IRL lost her triplets when she went into labor early. She was able to hold each of them before they passed.

It's heartbreaking.

Yet, it's in these times that I remember how lucky I am to have stumbled into the blogosphere. Because even when it sucks, we're lucky to have each other.




  1. So sorry to hear of your friends' losses! :-(

    I hope your girls are doing better.

    And HELLO! I've been ill for most of the last 2 weeks and left even my personal laptop at work, so have been mostly offline except for the occasional post I did on my phone (which is a pain in the arse, especially when you have a headache)! I feel so out of it, but it’s lovely visiting blogs today – like seeing friends I haven’t seen in ages!!

  2. Oh, that is just terrible news. I am so sad for all of your friends:(

  3. We are so lucky to have each other... I dont know how I would have survived these last 3 years without the compassion and hope I've found here. I wish I'd found this community 10 years ago when we were struggling with our infertility

  4. totally agree friend. I'm glad to count you as more then a bloggy friend too!