Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Three Fabulous Months

While we are a little past E's three month mark, I realized I never posted about it! Bad mommy! So here it is:

Baby E at three months:

This is the perfect picture as E's biggest discovery at three months is his hands. "Mommy I have HANDS and I love to ball them up and gnaw on them."

Stats: At his appointment, he weighed in at 11 lbs, 3 oz and thus moved from the 3-10th percentile to the 50th! He's such a good eater. :) His height stayed at the 10th percentile as he came in at 22.5 in. His little bitty head moved from the 3rd percentile to the 10th-25th. 

Movement: He continues to roll over from his stomach to his back. He loves pushing off with his legs. His rocks his whole body and occasionally head-butts us. Despite this, he has great control over his neck and loves to look around. He's now able to track people and toys with his eyes. He's still hitting his toys on his playmat and sometimes grabs them. Speaking of grabbing, he loooves gripping my fingers.

Facial expressions: Gummy smiles!!!!!! Eyebrow lifting. Forehead wrinkling. Big pouty lip.

Cries: He's definitely found his voice this month and is now letting us know when he's not happy. He developed a new octave this month for when he's really ticked! He mainly uses a "maaaah" sound which makes me hope for a "mama" one day!

Sleep: Still in his vibrating chair stacked in his pack n' play in our bedroom. Spending short spurts in his crib. He's still not a huge fan of lying flat.

Random tidbit: explosive poop has begun. Poo monster!

It's been three fabulous months with my little man. Gosh, I love this kid.



  1. Oh my goodness - look at those eyes! And those eyelashes! Just adorable... Happy 3 months!!!

  2. Adorable, adorable, adorable. Happy 3 months, Handsome Baby Boy.

  3. can he be any cuter? I dont think so...

  4. Hey! I just swept by your blog. Found it through a mutual friend's. Wishing the best for you and looking forward to following your journey. You have a beautiful baby boy!


  5. That is an absolutely amazing photo! I adore it! So glad to hear he is doing so well :)

  6. My three-month old has recently discovered her hands too. So cute!

  7. What a cutie. But what's up with the headbutting? I think we have little billygoats...

  8. Hi! I have followed your blog forever and am just now commenting. I love your blog and your outlook on everything. Your little E is absolutely darling! I have b/g twins (IVF) that are about the same age as E. My husband is in the Air Force (he is still in school but we will be moving for the first time wherever the AF send us this summer) - I think your husband is in the AF too?

  9. Happy 3 months - and explosive poo!!

  10. happy 3 months! he is serious SO cute!

  11. Congratulations on your beautiful baby! He's absolutely adorable!! I would love to feature your success story on my blog (which I started after my own success to help others)! I try to post one each Sunday! You'd be an inspiration to so many! Happy ICLW! (#110)