Sunday, December 27, 2009


Late yesterday AF came to visit. Finally. Oh, the joy!

I emailed the doc to let him know. I didn't expect a reply on the weekend, but he sent me one via his iphone.

He said to go ahead and start taking my BCPs.


He didn't tell me to get a prescription from my regular doctor, and he didn't give me a prescription before this message...

Being an IF vet, I know this will not throw the whole process off or anything. Yet at the same time, it makes me a little irritable because jumping through hoops at the last minute just makes me anxious. Erg.

Grump grump



  1. Game on! You must be so excited to be getting started!

  2. Bah - stupid Dr. - how annoying! But sending you lots of good thoughts for this cycle!!

  3. yipppppeeeeee! this is SO HAPPENING! Annoying that dr forgot to give you a script for bcps, I mean seriously... what do we pay them for again? But like you said, not a deal breaker. Am just fizzing with excitement for you and feeling that 2010 is going to be a fab baby making year. xx

  4. Men. They never plan ahead, even for the inevitable. Yay that you are on your way, lady! Woot woot! Bring it on!

  5. congrats on being able to get started and boo at doctors who forget to provide you with scripts... although I am impressed he actually got back to you on a weekend - I'm pretty sure my doctor wouldn't even have checked his mail until Monday!

  6. I'm excited for your next cycle and hope it brings you a BFP! Hopefully this is the one and only little bump on the road this time.

  7. Super annoying about the prescription :( Yay for getting started!

  8. IT IS HERE!! I know what you mean about the Doc. It's like, get it togather dude! I am so excited for you and this cycle. Go you!!

  9. game on!!! Best of luck for the cycle!!