Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hockey baby.

If a girl could get knocked up by simply being around loads of testosterone laden men, I would be.

Last night I went to my very first professional hockey game in St. Louis where the Predators kicked the Blues behind. And that picture to the left, that's from our seats right on the glass in the front row. Yeah. While I wouldn't want to sit there for every game, holy batman baby, I got a good view of all of the players. I loved seeing everything that you don't see on TV--the speed, the line changes, the jolt that runs through the crowd when someone knocks the crap out of the opponent, and the guy with the missing tooth. Loved it all!

While I could have cared less about either team, it was fun to be around people who were completely nuts about their team. Infertility has suuuuuuucked any of this type of fun and carelessness out of me. So to have a little spark of energy shamelessly and vicariously taken through jeers and cheers, yeah, I'll take it.



  1. Sounds AWESOME!!! Glad you two enjoyed it! :)

  2. Fun! My husband was just saying the other day, while we were watching some makeover show on Bravo, "No wonder my sperm are messed up, look what we're exposing them to! I need to watch some football and use a power drill!" Haha.

  3. I love me some NHL. :) While I root for the Caps as my local team, I am a Red Wings fan at heart. Isn't it amazing what kind of skaters these men are? I mean, it's like football BUT ON ICE SKATES. It boggles my mind that hockey isn't a bigger sport in the US. Glad you had a great time!

  4. Awesome, and go Preds! (I'm a Nashville girl). Wouldn't it be nice to get knocked up by being around all that testosterone! (we have azoospermia at our house.)

    Sounds like a fun night!

  5. Yah Preds! I love going to hockey games, and I think we might go this weekend. Unfortunately, we won't be on the glass. Cheap seats for us. I'm a Preds fan, but Hubs is a Red Wings fan.

  6. Go Leafs Go!
    And Go Team Canada!
    We're a BIG hockey household!
    Glad you had a great time!

  7. You were in town??? We could have met my dear! Next time give me a buzz on my blog and we will meet up!