Saturday, December 26, 2009

The going ons...

Sigh, I love winter break! Hubby and I slept in late again this morning and eventually got up to laze about. After a few hours, hubby got to work on a take-home midterm and I finished a book, did some laundry and watched a few reruns of NCIS. 

I haven't been writing much about infertility lately simply because there hasn't been much going on. FairyEggs is enjoying her holidays with her family and gulping down birth control. The BC pills play with her tear ducts fairly strongly, so I'm not looking forward to putting her through Lupron, Follistim, and Menopur! There's nothing like torturing a friend! 

As polite and professional as the new LA clinic is, I am missing my favorite staff from my clinic in Louisiana. It was comforting knowing who to talk to and the procedures of the clinic besides the fact that I just loved them personally. Part of my discomfort simply comes from having to find the new office in a big city, which was surprisingly easy considering I took four freeways with nascar like driving to get there. The financial aspect is also a little awkward because I'm not really sure what I have to pay for or don't. I'm just a creature of comfort and the new environment takes a little getting use to. Regardless of my nervousness bubbling inside, hubby successfully completed his donations. As one of my favorite readers said, that's half of my future kid in that cup! 

Now we're impatiently waiting for AF to arrive so that we can get our schedule laid out for the cycle. I'm excited about finding out when everything is going down. We have lots of arrangements to make once we get a tentative calendar so, comm'on AF! Even though I'm five days past my expected date, my periods are wonky so it's nothing new. I tested just to make sure and of course had a momentary wave in my heart when I saw the single line. Nothing new there! 

So FairyEggs is gulping down BCPs, hubby's donations are done, and I'm waiting for AF. Just another day in the land of IF for us! Now I'm off to go all Simon on some term and hugs to everybody!



  1. ah waiting Jen.... its hard but so exciting too that it all may be about to start for you... I am so happy that fairy eggs is here for you and that hubby could do "his thang"

    Keep us posted because we are cheering for you!

  2. At least you are getting closer! YIPPEE FOR THAT!

  3. Isn't it crazy that you're gearing up already?! I think all of us that are on "break" are going to be surprised how quickly this time went by. I know I'm happy that I was able to take a break from things and just regroup (kind of ;) during the Holidays. Yeah, I agree with the creature of comfort part. That's some of the reason I don't want to switch clinics, part of the whole process is not being stressed out and I think switching clinics would be a huge stressor on our cycle. And as far as paying goes, just let them invoice you, if they need to (and I'm guessing, you aren't going to pay a single office fee). Get ready for the ride, GF! Woooooohoooooooooooooo! ;)

  4. You'll be started before you know it!!! How exciting!!!

  5. Oh my gosh this is all happening so fast!!! It seems like yesterday that you were throwing the egg donor idea around and now its HERE and GOING TO HAPPEN! yippee. Hope AF makes her appearance real soon so you can get your schedule sorted.
    As for negotiating your way around a new clinic, i'm with you there as I am currently contemplating changing clinics and I feel a little bit heart broken when I think about it as I love all the nurses at my current clinic and I know them so well and the thought of having to build a relationship up again is a little tiresome. But hey, gotta go where the knowledge is don't ya. xxx good luck

  6. Thanks for the update! It is hard to change clinics. You get used to the staff, the routine, the smell, the sights, everything.

    Wishing you all the best with this cycle!!