Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1

Waking up on the first of January is just a wonderful feeling. I always feel refreshed like there is something new and different about me that wasn't present the night before. It's like walking out of the salon after a new haircut feeling sassy and cute. Like the endless amounts of white snow that decorate my world up here in Alaska, the potential within this year of life lays shining out in front of me.

One of the most amazing reflections for me personally is looking back at where I was over the past few January 1sts...

2008 - Stationed at Ft Polk, dog...TTC naturally in those innocent days

After Christmas visit to Nachitoches, LA
 2009 - Still in Louisiana...two dogs, husband deployed...TTC via IUIs with injectables

Dog #2 my sweet Pepper 

Pepper & Sweetpea having fun while mommy is gone!
2010 - Moved to Fort Leonard Wood, dog...TTC status paused after two dismal IVFs and waiting for DE-IVF cycle at the end of January.

2011 - Stationed in dog, one adorable, love-of-my life 3-month old son...hammered by mastitis & still getting back in shape after massive pregnancy bed rest

2012 - Still living in dog, one 15 month old son (gulp)...given up on TTC myself

I feel incredibly lucky to have my husband, son, family and friends. It's a good life. Bring on the New Year!!!



  1. How times change, huh? Happy new year - and I reiterate - your E is such a handsome guy!

  2. Randomly came across your blog and see that you did IVF around FLW MO. I'm guessing STL? Any info you could pass along. Looking to start after our PCS this spring and haven't had luck finding much info.

  3. Ugh. Cut off. So anyways if you could pass along any info on clinics etc I would appreciate it. Thank you!