Monday, January 2, 2012


For me, New Year's Day was pretty much synonymous with the craziness that surrounds the Rose Parade. Crowds of campers lining the street throwing tomatoes and tortillas at the cars dragging Colorado Blvd on New Year's Eve. The floats lining up in the twilight of the morning. The bands and horses lining up. Fun!

Growing up, I was always serving as a volunteer selling everything--programs, souvenirs, film, food--whatever was up on the agenda that year. Doing that kind of thing always gives you a totally different perspective from the beautiful magic you see on television! One of my first memories of the parade is helping with the hot chocolate on a cold morning before I got to escape in the wee hours of the morning to wander down Colorado Ave to see the floats as they lined up. Another first memory was during the float production in 1982 when I saw them working on this float: 

:D At six, I was pretty impressed with Kermit and Miss Piggy. I'm pretty sure they let me get my hands on some flowers or seeds. I just remember the bustling atmosphere in the warehouse filled with floats--AWESOME! 

So today when we woke up, I flipped on the parade. E instantly stopped in his tracks and stared at the band that was playing. He lovvved the parade! I can't wait to take him one day. :D


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  1. Good memories!!! I know it's a major event to go. My SIL grew up very close to Colorado Ave and always went as a kid. She has some great memories of it too.

    It's too bad that the badgers lost the football itself yesterday as we would have had a mini rose parade here for them if they had!