Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow Apparel

Not being a native to the land of snow and ice, I have learned a lot over the last year about cold weather gear. This year, finding snow apparel for E was kind of like a treasure hunt. Besides hunting down a Hanna Andersson snowsuit on ebay, my favorite purchase was these boots from Stonz...

How cute is that little alligator? :)

Right now Little E wears these over his regular shoes and socks. The water-resistant material keeps his feet dry and the fleece lining give his feet a little extra warmth besides his regular shoes. I love this because he can wear his flexible Stride-Rite shoes underneath which makes it much easier for him to walk compared to other more clunky boots. Essentially the two toggle straps around the ankle and at the top of the bootie keep them on. This makes it easy for me to slip them on and cinch them before E can wiggle away. heehee.

Although I originally purchased an XXS set of fluffy gloves from Costco, I'm so in love with the booties from Stonz that I'm going to buy these Mittz.

I haven't decided if I'm going to buy the baby version without a thumb or not. We'll see...but I think the wide opening is going to make it a breeze to put them on (crossing fingers).

What kind of fun winter stuff have you found?


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  1. I haven't had the need to purchase my own kid clothes yet, but when I worked in a day care center, those types of gloves (with the wide thumb) were definitely easy to put on.
    Gloves first, then jacket over. hehe