Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The things people say...

Acquaintance: E is such a cutie!

Me: Thanks!

Acquaintance: I think he looks just like his daddy.

Me: Really? You don't think he looks like me?

Acquaintance: Nope.





  1. Oh my gosh...I get just the opposite. We have a biological child that looks just like my husband and NOTHING like me AT ALL. And then we have a child from embryo donation....and this child actually looks like me (she is not genetically related to either one of us)...and I get people ALL THE TIME saying...Oh my goodness...your daughter looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!! I just giggle!

  2. I never get comments about our girls looking like me either. Only their blue eyes can be "attributed" to me. It is interesting knowing the back story but still a little :P at times. Either way E is absolutely adorable.

  3. Hilarious! I have an adopted child who people are always saying looks exactly like my husband! lol

  4. People always say P looks like his Daddy. *snort*. We just smile and thank them.

  5. Hi from ICLW! We just got pregnant using donor sperm and I look forward to the comments about how much the baby does or does not look like my husband. It'll be hard to not laugh in their face :)

  6. Our little man is from an embryo adoption. Some people swear he looks just like my husband, but I have had several people look at me, look at my husband, look at my son (over and over) and then proclaim...I'm not sure who he looks like. Then they look at me like I am suppose to tell them which one of us he looks more like. Sometimes I just smile, but other times I bite and point out that both my son and my husband have blue eyes.

  7. Gee, funny how that works!

    Happy ICLW!