Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soooooo glad!

Before E was born I bought a sleep positioner for when he was young and swaddled. 

So I put in a tote and never used it.

I finally pulled the darn thing out to get rid of it. Which meant it sat in the back of the FAV until my hubby found a very good use for it. 

Considering the price of watermelons in Alaska, it's a good thing too! FYI - baby E is nutzo about watermelon!

How's that for repurposing?



  1. HAHA!! That is AWESOME!! Love it :)

  2. Nice - recycling at it's best!

  3. This cracks me up! I sure hope that watermelon was good...I have had the worst luck this year getting a good one...and I am in CA where fresh fruits and veggies fall from the sky!
    On a similar note...we had one of those sleep positioners too for our first was THE ONE that the FDA said was a no-no and I know why...I once found William slipped down between the bolsters and his face was buried in scared me to I tossed it in the garbage the next day (this was 2008)...For baby girl I just rolled up a receiving blanket and tucked it behind her back...she did fine! I sure hope that watermelon survives the dangerous baby contraption!