Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When I turned sixteen, this was something like our family car. . .

So cool.

I didn't really drive much until I bought a car like this from my parents at 21:

Yep, a '94 Nissan Altima. This car met an early demise when it got clobbered at an intersection the day after I put $1,000 worth of work into it! It took me quite a few weeks of test driving to figure out what I wanted. When I sat in this vehicle though, my heart sang.

And for the first time in my life, I loved driving.

There's something about feeling the wind whip your hair as you cruise down the freeway with the sunshine in your face. Of course, that means tangled hair and unexpected sunburns, but it's worth all of it. Besides, I looked damn good in that car. :D

Then the roof started breaking on a regular basis and driving me crazy so we traded it in for this blue monster which I love (and still have).

However, after wrestling the car seat through the half door into the backseat, I caved to my husband. We bought a FAV.

FAV = Family Assault Vehicle. <3 my military man.

Did you notice that I 'caved' to my husband? He soooooo wanted a FAV instead of the Explorer that I was eyeing. He was enchanted with the huge cargo space and comfy seating. Me? Not so much.

Okay, so I have to admit that it is darn comfy. And easy to get E in and out of with his car-seat. And it even has a built in car shade for my precious babe. And a navigation system. And self-adjusting cruise control. And two sunroofs. And a push button start. And lots of other nifty gadgets which appeal to my dork side. And I am NOT admitting that I like it because it is still a van. So there.

He's worth it though.



  1. You drive a mini van. Teehee. ;)

  2. SOCCER MOM. +2 points for nav, but -568 points for being a van. *shudder* ;)

    And we have that giraffe! We named him Raffi. Real original, I know. The other carseat companion is a monkey with patchwork on his bottom. His name? Patches Culo. We're creative around here.

  3. FAV - love it! But don't love the van - you couldn't get me behind that wheel... I really wanted the FJ, until I sat in the backseat - worst backseat ever! Everyone I know that has a mini van loves it - enjoy your FAV!

  4. cute post!
    that's a good looking mini van! sure beats the ones from 20 years ago! and i love your blue toyota! have always wanted one!
    he's worth it, for sure! :)

  5. Family Assault Vehicle! Great post - another interesting way of getting to know you, both before and after your darling young man's arrival. :-D

  6. What my sister so kindly didn't mention was that the altima died an untimely death when her older sister was driving it. And then I so kindly dented her beautiful sports car when it was less than a month old. It's amazing that she let's me near her pretty new FAV. But yes, my sister drives a Mommy mobile now. It is a really, really, really nice FAV!

  7. I have a huge SUV...plenty of room with bells and whistles and remote start with the preheated seats and auto climate control before you even get in....but strapping two kids into car seats is tough and the back seat is not as roomy as I would like. I would happily trade it for a nice FAV but my DH will have nothing of it....So...I can't really complain because it really is a great vehicle...but soooo not family friendly like a FAV!!!!

  8. Mini vans by any other name are still mini vans. And they are SOOOOOOO underrated! LOVE them, but now I'm too old to have one. My nest is empty. Enjoy yours and the little bird you tuck into it each trip because they fly away long before you're ready!

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  10. I think your current van is a great. You can just log it around and the size is definitely family-friendly. I'm planning to get a minivan soon, but I'm having a tough time picking the model that would fit my family best.