Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tossing Around Ideas

My husband and I have been tossing around ideas for a second child for the past few months. I've looked at a ton of options so I can narrow down the best choices to share with him. I've really been all over the family building map...

*Trying with my own eggs here in Alaska with a non-RE doc
*Trying some IUIs with insurance covered meds
*Another cycle with my dear Fairyeggs
*Paying for a full anonymous donor cycle
*Trying to share an anonymous donor cycle
*Looking for programs with shared donor cycles
*Donor embryos through Miracles Waiting

What it really comes down to is a) risk and b) money. We really don't want to go through the roller-coaster of cycles so we are looking for the option with the most chance of success balanced with what is affordable.

Ack! The life of an infertile!

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  1. We've just started getting serious about these conversations as well. It's not as simple as I had hoped. There's a chance -- a slim one -- based on KB following up with a urologist for the past year-plus that his swimmers are improved (we had super low motility and worse, 0% normal morphology, until he took Clomid, then morphology improved to a whopping 1% normal...his hormone levels have been stable since he stopped Clomid, so maybe, just maybe, sperm production has improved....). I have daydreams about a natural pregnancy, although that's far from likely. I wonder if we could take it down a notch to medicated IUI, or if we should just go right back to IVF. And since that took 3 cycles before we got lucky before, would we consider moving on to donor eggs? How many failed cycles would it take? I guess our first step is to go back to the RE and re-run all the tests to see where we stand. We agreed to do that after Christmas. I suppose that's something.

    There's certainly a lot to think about, and in your case I know the complications of your pregnancy must be a huge factor as well. Keep us posted...

  2. We are trying to come up with 5k for an FET and hoping we get as lucky with #2 as with #1! It is soooo hard! I wish you the best of luck! HUGS!

  3. I vote yes!!!!!!! I'll even give up Christmas presents for the rest of my life!

  4. Such a hard choice to make, but with such an excellent example in Mr. E how could anyone not try again? Best of luck - and keep us posted!

  5. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you guys decide. It is a tough thing to have to go through again and reminds me of how very unfair our (infertiles) lives can be.

    E is gorgeous as always.

  6. Oh...we had all these same discussions for #2 and eventually went with Embryo Donation through our Clinic and now have a beautiful baby girl. They now have a shared donation program you may be interested in...The clinic is in Northern CA. Let me know if you want the info...I'm at

  7. Miracles Waiting is one of the most expensive options for donor embryo. New Mexico Center for Reproductive Medicine allows you to adopt embryos for 4k with no homestudy. My friend adopted 11 embryos and had gorgeous twin girls on her first 46

  8. Why can't it just be simple, huh? Why can't we all have magical, natural second pregnancies without any worry, wonder, and risk-assessing?? Gah. Here's hoping you find some clarity in this.

    P.S. Your pic of E in the header is to die for! <3 it!

  9. I hate how we have to 'plan' things out... and then figure out how to afford everything!

  10. It feels so unfair that we have to think about having a baby in these kinds of terms. Why can't we just jump our husbands like everyone else? Sigh. In other news, I wanna pat that little tiger butt. So cute!