Monday, September 19, 2011

Tormenting our Child

We recently took a trip to North Pole, Alaska where even the fire hydrants are xmas themed.

Can you get cooler than that? How about this? (Please excuse the rainy and blurry photographs!)

Imagine giving directions. Get off on Santa Claus Ln and turn right on St Nicholas Dr....SO NIFTY!

While we were out-of-season for the "real" Santa Claus photo op, we did get to see...

There was a lot of cheesy and tacky aspects to the place. However, the cute signs and murals that decorated the main xmas shop were adorable.

Best of all, I got to take pictures that I'm sure will torment baby E long into his teenage and adult years. I just couldn't resist because he was so stinking cute.


Overall much fun was had! I can't wait until Christmas!!


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  1. Oh how fun!!! I bet you're going to have such a great Christmas with your little one!!!