Monday, April 13, 2009

Why am I not crazy?

Because I took awhile to find my hubby, it seems like I have watched all of my friends get pregnant and have their three kids. Although it might have taken them a few months, inevitably, none of them had a trouble getting knocked up by their adorable husbands. :) I watched them go through the stages of being upset, happy, devastated, hopeful, exhausted, grumpy, hungry, really really hungry, in pain....the list goes on! 

I figured when I started trying I would be a little crazy. But I am not. I can't figure it out because I typically obsess about most things. When I saw that "irrationality" was a listed side effect of one of the drugs I was taking to get pregnant, I figured that I would go a little mental. Of course I have my typical fun moods, but I don't have the kind of craziness I hear about on other people's blogs. Why am I not crazy about something that is so important?

I guess that it just comes down to the fact that I have accepted that I will either get pregnant or not. I don't feel jealous of pregnant women (although it makes me sick whenever I hear of someone not taking care of their child). But for the most part, I'm okay. Isn't that a little strange?


  1. I so wish I could not drive myself crazy. I do well for a time and then the jealousy and crying start again. I'm sending you all the baby vibes that I can spare =)

    If you don't mind me being personal, how much is the cost for seeing the dr in Lafayette? We were thinking of going to Wilford Hall in San Antonio for IUI but if it's the same price then I'd rather stay local.

  2. I don't mind you asking...I am seeing Dr. Storment in Lafayette. You can see his website at He was who the Army referred me to through the system. An IUI is $350 and the sperm "donation" lol is $150. They can usually use a donation for more than one IUI. Additionally, if you get the referral through the Army, you should be able to get travel funds for the gas that you use to drive to Lafayette. :)

  3. I thanked you on my blog but I'll thank you again here =) I plan to call my dr and ask him to change the referral again, lol. For some reason he thought that we'd be paying $1000 out of pocket for expenses. I looked at his website and I definitely want to make an appt with his clinic.

  4. So your mother has had one of those internal U/S and I could think of a few names to call it. It certainly didn't give me the jollies. But it is not as bad as getting the boob smasher--mammogram. Fingers crossed for a big jump in estrogen! Hopefully your husband doesn't develop moobs while he is your "bitch." Somehow it doesn't just fit the V.