Monday, April 13, 2009

The history...

There are some things that are just strange about being a military wife.  I would call trying to get pregnant while my husband is deployed overseas one of those strange times. Usually getting knocked up while your husband is gone is a bad thing. For us, it has been the running joke we keep hoping will happen. 

So let me give you a rundown on where we have come from. I had DH (dear hubby) home for almost two years between deployments. We started tried to get pregnant the natural way with no success. The on-post doctors put my on Clomid for two cycles while I waited for my referral to the specialist about two hours away from my house. During this time I also had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done to make sure there was no physical blockages preventing pregnancy. Analysis of DH showed that he had low-sperm count.

We lucked out and got in early to the specialist by way of a cancellation. The doctor met with us together and immediately got us going. He ran another sperm analysis which was fine and checked me for polycystic ovarian syndrome which was negative. Physically nothing was wrong with us except I seemed to not ovulate on a regular schedule. The next step had to wait for my period to start except when it did I ended up having cysts that which meant I couldn't take the fertility drugs that month. 

In all of this, DH was getting ready to deploy so he gave some "donations" so that I could try when he was gone. So he left. We had a hurricane that day too. Then the next month I tried my first round without him and used the "turkey baster" method, also known as an IUI. I took Follistim for four nights at 75 mg, went in for an ultrasound, took the HCG, and went back for the IUI. It wasn't painful, but rather a slight pinch. 

The worst part of the whole thing was walking into the waiting room by myself. Driving two and half hours to get to the doctor, I stepped in right on time to find the whole room full of couples. As it was Saturday, everybody came at the same time for the IUIs. I was the last one called in, and I just felt alone. My husband called while I was sitting there by chance. He had completely zoned out that it was the day because his days seem to just run together a lot.  Poor guy. 

So pretty much for the rest of the year, it has been a rinse and repeat of this cycle including all of the months where I had cysts that were too big and required a month of rest. Then the donations ran out. 

Unfortunately, it's not like I can dial up my husband and ask him to come home. After a lot of working, we have him coming home for R & R  in a month or so. He'll have to go back, and so I'll be facing the process alone again. But I guess that is just the life of a military wife. It scares me because we're moving on to the next step of IVF. 

Shelling out that kind of money is scary, but I've been working a second job all year to pay for it. We'll see what's coming.

Until next time...

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