Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Month Until R&R

I am officially starting to get excited to see V. It sounds funny that I wouldn't be excited earlier, but the reality is that things change so much with the Army. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and then realize that maybe it already has with the fiasco of him coming home early, then not. Anyway the point is that today at my inservice training, I realized that I could possibly try one more time with an IUI since he will be coming home during the month of June. If the timing works out, we could be good for another round. Since the last round had a low number of sperm available, it might be a good idea. Yippee! Now, I just need to wait to find out the range of dates that he will be home. That's the job for May.

The other part of R&R that will be great is that it will just give us a chance to relax together. Since he doesn't want to go anywhere very far away, it will be really nice to hang around the house with the dogs. V wants to mow the lawn, pressure wash the house, and grill some steaks--he misses all of those normal things! I thought we might take a few days and go to some of the plantations near Baton Rouge and then on to New Orleans. I'm looking for somewhere that is just romantic and easy. Since we are not the big romantic couple, it will be a nice change of pace. 


  1. YAY for R&R!!!!!! I know that whenever P is away is misses the normal things, too. Another great option for a little getaway is Austin. P and I plan to visit in the beginning of June and I think that we will LOVE it. New Orleans is of course fun! I've heard that Shreverport makes a nice little getaway but we haven't been there yet.

  2. Exactly! We went to Austin on a retreat after his last deployment and it was FUN! I would like to go back without the group. We've been here for awhile now and still haven't been to N.O. yet. Got to fit it in before we leave!