Monday, December 19, 2011


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I knew this day would come.

I thought I would be fine with it.

But really, it kind of hurt my feelings.

In the first six weeks of life, little E would routinely settle down for the magic wielding wonder-dad. After that, he has been all about mama. Anytime he needed comfort or snuggles, he would want me. Me. Me. Me. While I loooved it, I occasionally wondered how it would be to have a moment to cook dinner without twenty pounds on my hip. I felt a little guilty.

When the moment finally came, it totally caught me by surprise. However, I was glad it was Granny who temporarily usurped my position. Little E squirmed out of my arms, stumbled over to her and threw his arms up. That afternoon, she was the only one he wanted.

Sigh. My baby is growing up.



  1. Awww. While sad for you, that must have made granny's day!

  2. Well, granny did feel a little guilty!

  3. Granny did NOT need to feel guilty. As odd as it was for me, I'm beyond THRILLED that he loves his Granny so much. He is a lucky lucky boy.