Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cheer

It seems like this year I have not been feeling the Christmas cheer. I'm not unhappy about it. I just don't seem to feel the nice warm glow that I usually get from this time of year. After {much} consideration, I have decided this unusual lack of cheer has come from several factors:

1) moving my tree from the family room where we normally hang out to the dining room which you can see from outside our house.
2) not getting xmas PJs for E until this week.
3) working too much on the end of semester homework rush/internship hours
4) not enough xmas music - seriously!

Despite these factors, today I finally felt a little warmth when I created this:

While my *Golden* turkey shirt was too cute, it was also way too expensive for my SAHM sensibility. So instead, I gave it a whirl and tried it myself. You can see that I'm not a professional by any means, but I did manage to get everything sewn on and the bells securely fastened (omg choking hazard!). 

E looved the shirt when I gave it a jingle. It was that smile that finally gave me the Christmas cheer. It also helped that I put him in some cute little holiday PJs. He was not as excited about those. 




  1. Love the shirt! From here it looks like you did a beautiful job! :) I wish I was sewing more these days--I miss it!

    I have been feeling a dearth of holiday spirit as well, and I think it has to do with 1)being far away from the family and friends that I normally celebrate the holiday with, 2)STILL not having my tree up (perhaps today?), and 3)our pointed decision to make this a year of less material-based giving (we've made donations in our family members' names instead, or have given gift cards). (This is good for us, I know, but that we've done so little actual shopping feels much different this year.) I made a cute paper advent chain and we have been slowly doing our little advent activities, so that's keeping somewhat in the mindset.

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  2. Love the shirt!!

    I'm with you on the lack of Christmas cheer this year - I'm just not feeling it!

  3. Love the shirt!
    The weather is so warm here it's hard to feel festive. I only got the holiday spirit yesterday when I gave a couple of gifts to people and they were received well. That's really why I love this season....

  4. stopping by from ICLW

    you are very crafty! I love the tree onesie!

    I lost my John Denver & Muppets Christmas CD and it just doesn't feel the same this year.

  5. Hello! Stopping by from the ICLW. I always love finding other DE mommy blogs. My little man is 22 month.

    It is always amazing how their smiles can turn a bad day into a great day.

  6. Super adorable shirt - I am impressed by your skills! I, too, and struggling with finding that Christmas spirit. Here's hoping it finds us :)

    ICLW #17