Saturday, December 3, 2011


Besides my block set that I'm making for little for xmas, I really want to buy ME US him one of these I can get OUTSIDE with little E.
Eurobaby Snow Baby Sled $179
Same as above sled with handle extended

Eurosled Snow Tiger $139.99 
can take toddler seat and handle off as needed to become regular sled (2 person)
Infant Toboggan $28.99
most affordable option
We bundled him up in his snowsuit and boots for the first time last weekend which was just hilarious. He loved it! I'm trying to figure out things to get me outside and moving. I figure that pushing or pulling him in a sled or toboggan would make both of us happy. What do you think? Any experience sledding/tobogganing with a one year old?



  1. Now I want one! Problem is, I can't find my freaking snow pants. I have looked in every drawer, box, bin, closet, and room in our house. They are NOWHERE to be found. It's driving me nuts.

  2. We bought the last sled you posted at Target a few weeks ago for $12 (on sale). I figure if O likes it, great, and if not, well it was only $12. I saw a nice one at LL Bean last week but I really can't see spending over $100 on a sled. If anything, I'll wait until the after Christmas sales and see if I can scoop up a nicer sled, if O likes cruising around in one. So much fun! ;)

  3. Those are so cool, I had no idea that they had little baby sleds. I would so want the expensive one, but would probably have to settle for a cheaper one.