Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bedrest Chronicles Day 49

Happy ICLW! For those of you who are visiting for the first time you can find my history on the sidebar to the right.

I've been home from the hospital for twelve days now. Coming home has been like sliding into my comfy sheets on my bed -- warm and comforting. Having my dog Sweetpea following me around during the day from couch to bed is just the icing on the cake as being without her is like missing a member of my family. Besides, she's a great foot warmer.

On Saturday I switched one good thing for another as my sister flew home and my dad came up to Anchorage. I had such a good time just hanging out with my her during the week as we watched TV, she cleaned, cooked, and organized the baby's room. She did this despite the fact that she has a strained achilles and sprained ankle that isn't exactly healing correctly. My dad has already pulled out his comfort food by making me homemade biscuits on both Sunday and Monday. Since I'm trying not to be a glutton, I didn't have him make them today. :)

Meanwhile back at home in California, my mom has been busy running my sister and dad to and from the airport while holding down the fort there. I have to tell you that she won the teacher of the year award for this school year for her district. Yesterday, the county celebrated all of the district teachers of the year in a big ceremony in which none of the family could attend because of all of this switcheroo to take care of me. We wished we could have been there to support her, but she sacrificed this so I could not be in the hospital. :) We are SO proud of her!

My family just keeps coming through for me on so many levels. This doesn't happen for everyone so I'm just flat out grateful that I have them to unconditionally love me...broken eggs and all. I know this sounds incredibly sappy but I think that sometimes we forget to think about the things that are really fundamentally good in our lives. Between my husband, my family, Fairyeggs and my other friends and family, I'm just lucky. Baby E might not have had an easy or traditional path of coming to be, but he is coming into a family where he is already loved to bits.

For the first time in this pregnancy, I feel like we are actually going to make it to the finish line.

Our goal is to make it to 37 weeks when my doc will remove the cerclage and my cervix will probably return to a five centimeter dilation. The nurses tell me this does not mean I'll go into labor immediately. What? lol. I can't imagine that Baby E won't drop straight out at that point.

Hope all is well with you.



  1. So glad you are comfy at home and you have such great support! I'm cheering you on to 37 weeks!! Can't wait to see baby E!

  2. Catching up finally - so glad to hear everything is still going well! AND I'm very happy for you that you're at home - must be so much better!!!

  3. It really is bizarre to reach that point when you realize that this whole pregnancy thing will actually result in a baby. I laughed reading that you imagine that the baby will just fall right out once your stitches are removed. I hope my labour goes something like that!

  4. Congrats to your mom :) and your dog is adorable :) your family is awesome!

  5. You're right, there is a lot to be grateful for and it's nice that you are in the right headspace to be able to appreciate that.
    I looked at your ticker the other day and just about had a heart attack, I can't believe you are 34 weeks along now. It seems amazing to me that in a few short weeks you will officially be a Mom. Oh boy, how amazing. x

  6. Ahhhw, you made me cry. Can't wait to hug you and hold the big E. Mom

  7. What a super supportive family! Hang in there ... sounds like you're doing great. I forgot to sign up for ICLW this month, but am making rounds anyway, and discovered that your birthday is coming up on top of all this ... happy early celebrating!

  8. Your family sounds wonderfully supportive and you sound so 'up'! I hope all continues well.

  9. Congrats to your mom for being such an awsome teacher! You are also blessed to have so much support from your family! I hope the rest of your pregnancy progesses well without any other problems!

    ICLW # 105 - Marion

  10. Hey there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some love for Embryo Adoption! Not everyone even knows what it is, so I love when someone gives me a shout out! Our placing family used donor eggs, so you could say that I have adopted embryos AND I am using donor eggs. Whew! This is going to be quite a conversation with my little ones! Good thing my placing family is so amazing and will help me out with that, as they have already talked to their kids (my kids's genetic sibs) about all of it.

    Anyway, that's awesome that you're back home from the hospital and that you're family is being so great. You are right. Sometime's we're so focused on what we don't have, that the good things can easily be overlooked. Congrats on your baby being on the way!!!

    By the way, I LOVE the name of your blog!
    ICLW #53

  11. It's wonderful that your family is so present and do so much for you. You also have great foot warmer. My cat is my back warmer. :)
    Happy ICLW

  12. I'm so glad your family is there for you right now and you're able to be as comfortable as you possibly can at the moment. Hopefully you make it to 37 weeks without further incident!

    ICLW #115

  13. I know the feeling of thinking for the first time that all we've been through will finally end in a baby. It's such a strange feeling, strange but good. We're almost there, I can't believe it.

  14. How wonderful that you are at home instead of stuck in the hospital. I'm praying that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and your beautiful baby arrives with no further complications.

    ~ICLW #18