Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belly Pix

Bedrest Chronicles Day 29

After a huge flurry of activity between 3:30-5, I managed to get my ultrasound, monitoring, and shower done so I could hang out with my hubby. I changed into real clothes for the first time so my hubby could snap a picture of me. He immediately directed me to lay back down for fear that the baby would drop out in the two minutes I was standing. :) Here I am at 31 weeks!

BTW, I do realize that 13 lbs is not a lot for being 31 weeks pregnant! However gaining four pounds over the last two weeks while I lay like a lump in bed, NOT getting to eat yummy food, certainly makes me feel like it is!!!

Sending luck to my bloggers who are awaiting news!!!!



  1. Umm, I have gained 7 lbs since retrieval...and I am only 6.5 weeks. So I would say you are doing quite well. LOL.

  2. Oh, beautiful belly Jen!!!!
    I've been thinking of you a lot lately, I think you're managing the whole bed rest thing amazingly well. I imagine it is ridiculously hard but we're all so proud of you and in a few short weeks you'll have the best prize of all when your little squash arrives (yes I'm still obsessed with your ticker).
    xxx hugs

  3. Looking good! I only gained 16lbs my entire pregnancy and my belly was HUGE throughout. Then I lost 40lbs in just a couple of weeks after giving birth. I thought I would be the opposite - gain 40 lbs in my pregnancy and take 9 months to lose it. Hopefully you'll do the same!

  4. You look great. How funny that your husband was so worried! Bless his heart!

  5. Growing away!! I think 13 is good. My sister gained 50!

  6. A-dorable! Happy you were able to stand up and snap this! You're almost there, girlfriend! Can you believe it?! Sending lots of hugs!

  7. You look so pregnant! Oh my goodness! :-)
    Thanks for posting a pic!
    And hey, by the way, I have been trying to read your blog posts for the last little while, but for some reason the text is not appearing - is it a really light colour perhaps? Is there any way to darken it? I miss you!

  8. LOOKIN GOOD GIRL! YOu need some designer hospital gowns-and FAST!